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DIY Leaf and Flower Print Easter Eggs

Leaf Print Eggs 1

The kids and I love spending time out exploring nature. Since we love nature, I wanted to try making leaf and flower print Easter eggs with them this year. Little did I know that it would be a full day adventure trying to figure out the easiest way to make the eggs, so I had to share the do’s and don’ts of making these beautiful decorative eggs with your kids this year.

Leaf Print Eggs 3

First we started by purchasing silk gift bags to put the eggs into the dye with the leaves and flowers. Unfortunately, the dye leaked under the leaves because the silk bags were not tight enough. So for round two, I used pantyhose, and it worked perfectly.

Leaf Print Eggs 4

When it comes to the dye, I always recommend making homemade dye if your kids are going to eat the eggs. Since we had spent so much time troubleshooting this craft, I ended up using the pellets so the kids could complete the craft before dark.

Leaf Print Eggs 6

What do you need?

  • Eggs! Lots and lots of eggs
  • Egg dye pellets or homemade dye
  • Old pair of pantyhose
  • Small rubber bands
  • Small leaves and flowers

Leaf Print Eggs 7

Leaf Print Eggs 8

How do you make them?

It’s easy! Send your kids out into the garden to collect small leaves and flowers. Once the kids are done with their nature hunt, then bring them together to decorate the eggs. Simply place a leaf or flower on the side of an egg. Then wrap the egg with the pantyhose. Pull the pantyhose tight and keep closed with a small rubber band. Drop the egg into the dye for 5-6 minutes. Now this is an important step…make sure that the egg is fully dried before removing the pantyhose. If there is not enough sun, then use a hair dryer to dry the eggs completely. If they are not dry when removing the pantyhose then it will not work.

Leaf Print Eggs 5

Have fun doing this super fun Easter craft with your kids this week.

Leaf Print Eggs 2

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