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DIY Plumbing Fixes Made Simple


There is nothing worse than finally getting a few minutes without the kids to take a nice and relaxing shower. Then it happens, the shower pan slowly starts backing up, and you find yourself rapidly rinsing the soap out of your hair so you can get out of the shower before the shower pan overflows into your bathroom. It is something that happens to me way too often.

In the past, when this would happen, I would run downstairs soaking wet, wrapped in my towel to get the toilet plunger to attempt to unclog the drain. I would then start plunging the drain in the shower getting splashed with black grossness that would begin to spray up from the drain. These were the worst memories that I had as a homeowner until discovering Roto-Rooter products.

Now, when I find myself in the shower with the drain starting to back-up, I open up my bathroom cupboard to get a bottle of Roto-Rooter drain clogger. Within minutes, the drain is unclogged, and I can get back into my shower to enjoy a little time relaxing under the warm water.

Another struggle that we all face is having teenagers clog the toilet. Before using Roto-Rooter products, I would always close the bathroom door until my husband returned home to unclog the toilet. Now, I use Roto-Rooter so that we always have a fully operating bathroom.

Gone are the days of calling a plumber every time that your drains get backed up, and can easily be done as a busy mom like myself thanks to Roto-Rooter drain cleaning products. I always have 1-2 bottles under each bathroom sink in the case of a drain clogging, making DIY plumbing made simple. Learn more about Roto-Rooter online.

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