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DIY Spider-Man Homecoming DisneyBounding


One of my daughter’s favorite ways to spend the day at the Disneyland Resort is to Disney Bound her favorite Disney characters. What is DisneyBounding? It is where you take regular clothes that look like a Disney character, and is an excellent way to unleash your fashion creativity.

While I was in New York City for the Spider-Man Homecoming press event, I was given a fun challenge of creating a Spider-Man Homecoming themed costume using clothes purchased from the local Goodwill. The biggest part of the challenge was that I was in a smaller Goodwill store with about 20 other bloggers on the same mission, and we couldn’t spend more than $25, and only had 20 minutes to find items to create a costume.

I knew that I wanted to create DisneyBounding costume for my daughter, but I didn’t have her with my to compare the sizing of the clothes, so I had to wing it. Plus, the outfit needed to be made using only the items found in the New York Goodwill store!

My first fashion find was the yellow jacket. Many of you don’t know yet because the movie has not yet been released, but Spider-Man is seen wearing a yellow jacket in many scenes of the film. Then I found a cute red crop top t-shirt and a small red skirt. The only problem with the skirt is that it was a 7T – yes toddler! I asked and learned that I could alter the skirt if needed, but I really wanted to stay true to the fashion finds that I found, so I crossed my fingers that it would fit my daughter when I returned home to Orange County.

Finally, I finished the costume with a dash of blue by purchasing a blue tie to go around her neck. The total for the outfit was $23! I came under budget!

When I returned home and showed my daughter the outfit, she squealed with delight. The best part and shocking part as well was that the skirt fit her! She was able to fit into a 7T skirt! The only alteration that we had to make was adding a pair of her cheerleading bloomers under the skirt for privacy purposes.

We put the outfit together and planned to show it off to the world yesterday when spending the day exploring the Summer of Heroes at the Disneyland Resort. My daughter walked around the Disney California Adventure Park wearing her cool new Spider-Man themed outfit and got a ton of compliments. The only problem was that since the public hasn’t seen the movie yet, everyone thought she was DisneyBounding Tweedledee or Tweedledumb. It opened up a lot of great conversations with Disney fans about the upcoming film, and so many people got excited to see the new Spider-Man in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Then we paid a visit with Spider-Man himself at Disney California Adventure Park, and he was the only one in the park that knew exactly who she was Disney Bounding and complimented her on the hip fashion look.

When looking for the best place to create your next DisneyBounding outfit or to get designer looks for your kids for less, check out your local Goodwill store. Be a Hero just like Spider-Man by collecting items to donate to Goodwill. By collecting and selling donated goods, Goodwill (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) diverts more than 3 billion pounds of clothing and textiles from landfills each year! Plus, Goodwill helps millions of people each year by using the revenue from the sale of donated goods to create job preparation, skills training, education assistance and support services for people who are facing challenges to finding employment. Find your local Goodwill store online at

Don’t miss seeing Spider-Man Homecoming in theaters this Friday, July 7th. Learn more about Spider-Man: Homecoming online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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