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DIY The BFG Dream Jars


My children loved The BFG movie, and the dream jars were their favorite part of the film. The scenes were filled with so much beauty and magic that brought the book to life. Since my kids were so fascinated with the dream jars in the film, I surprised them this morning by making their very own dream jars to place by their beds at night.

The BFG Dream Jars

Making the dream jars is simple and an excellent way to expand on the magic of the film with your children and create memories with them that will last a lifetime. My children loved every minute of spending time with me doing this fun and interactive craft. After we were done making the craft, they asked if they could go back to see The BFG again.

Dream Jars in The BFG

Supplies needed:
Medium size mason jars
Paint (or food coloring)
Cotton balls

1. Fill the mason jar with water.
2. Add about 1 Tablespoon of paint or a couple of drops of food coloring.
3. Put on the lid, and shake well.

Dream Jars Step 1

4. Add some glitter (as much as your kids want) and cotton balls until water is fully covered with cotton balls.

Dream Jars Step 2

Dream Jars Step 3

5. Make sure the entire jar is filled with colored water, glitter and cotton balls.

Dream Jars Step 4

5. Put on the lid, and place by your child’s bed at night for magical dreams.

A fun alternative way of making dream jars is to add 1 Tablespoon of oil to a jar full of water with two drops of food coloring and your favorite metallic confetti. If you make the dream jars in this way, make sure that the lid is tightened securely so that if it leaks, it won’t make a huge mess.

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