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Does an IPL Really Work?

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Does an IPL Really Work #CosmetiCareMoms

It wasn’t just stretch marks that I was left behind with after the birth of my child, but also *ugly* pigmentation on my face. While I thought that the dark brown spots on my face would fade over time, it has been a little over eight years, and I still have the spots that I developed during pregnancy.

Tyler's Birth

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on various skincare products that have made claims of fading dark spots, and I was just about to give up on the idea that I would be able to leave the house without a layer of foundation until coming to CosmetiCare in Newport Beach.

During my initial consultation at CosmetiCare, they advised me that I can reduce the pigmentation on my face with the use of an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser. We saved the laser to do following my Botox, Voluma, Juvederm, and then to end my treatment plan with a hydrafacial.

Holiday Tree at CosmetiCare

I was hesitant about doing the laser a week before Christmas and was at a holiday party the night before my treatment where my friends were telling me horror stories about looking like a “lizard” for weeks following their laser treatments. In the words of “Frozen,” I decided to “Let it Go” and drive over to CosmetiCare after dropping the kids off for their last day of school before holiday break.

After checking in at the front desk, I sat in the corner of the office waiting room, afraid to make eye contact with anyone in the waiting room who might see me without my precious makeup. Without my makeup, my face is always red and covered with brown spots, that I don’t even like my husband to see. I’m even guilty of going to bed with make-up on to hide the redness and brown spots from him.

Numbing Medication at CometiCare

I went into the room where they applied some numbing cream, and I waited about 20-30 minutes before they returned to begin the treatment. The treatment took about 15-20 minutes to be complete and felt like a rubber band was snapping me in the face. The laser went to work to try and remove the dark spots that I’ve been dying to disappear.

Before starting the IPL at CosmetiCare

Since it had been about four months since my initial Botox treatment, they recommended an additional 40 units of Botox that I purchased and had them inject before leaving.

Before an IPL at CosmetiCare

I left with a red face that felt cool and tingled. That evening I had plans to take my daughter and her friend to see Frozen on Ice at the Honda Center, so I applied a small amount of foundation before leaving the house. Of course, I bumped into practically everyone I knew at the Honda Center where I had hoped to hide, and none of my friends could believe that I had the IPL done that morning.


Over the past week, I have noticed that my skin was dryer than normal, and I’ve watched those nasty brown spots begin to peel off my precious skin. It has been a week since my treatment, and I have noticed a difference in the diminish of the pigmentation of my skin.

Overall, I feel that I need a couple of more treatments to eliminate the redness and pigmentation on my face but “for the first time in forever,” I have begun to see a difference.

I can’t wait to continue to feel better with the way I look with the help of CosmetiCare. Learn more about how CosmetiCare can help rejuvenate your skin by making a consultation today. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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