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Does Invisalign Hurt?

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It has been almost two years since my older son started Invisalign treatment, and the biggest question that I get from my girlfriends who are considering Invisalign for their teens is, does it hurt like traditional braces?

The first time that my son put his Invisalign aligners into his mouth, he felt a small amount of discomfort for the first day as he got used to having plastic aligners resting on his teeth, but he has never felt any pain over the two years.

His teeth have moved drastically over the past two years transforming his smile, and he has never once complained or mentioned that he experienced any pain from his Invisalign aligners. My son has a low pain tolerance, and Invisalign was the perfect choice for him when it came to straightening his teeth.

The best part of having my teenager wearing Invisalign aligners is that I never had to worry about him getting food stuck in brackets, and having to make emergency visits to the orthodontist. My friends are always complaining about how much time they have to spend taking their children to the orthodontist to adjust or fix their metal braces, and I have only had to go once every couple of weeks to pick-up new aligners or have my son scanned for new aligners.

It isn’t just the Invisalign aligners that help to make the treatment nearly painless for children, but also the orthodontist. Finding the perfect orthodontist is key when starting Invisalign treatment. You want to find an orthodontist who is knowledgeable, gentle and works well with children. I used the doctor locator on the Invisalign website to find our orthodontist, Dr. Passamano. I then asked some of my friends about the father/son duo and learned that the older Dr. Passamano had treated many of my friends when they were teens. Everyone on their staff has been very gentle with my son and taken their time to ensure that he is comfortable whenever he is being treated in their office.

I have had such a great experience with Invisalign that I am starting my daughter in treatment. She will be going to Dr. Passamano in a few short days to get her first set of Invisalign aligners, and she can’t wait after seeing her brother have such great success over the past two years.

Invisalign usually costs the same or sometimes just a little more than traditional braces. When making the choice of traditional braces of Invisalign, ensure that your children have a nearly painless and as comfortable as possible by making the choice of Invisalign. As parents, we never want to see our children in pain or experience discomfort, and Invisalign is the perfect choice to ensure your children continue to live their normal lifestyle as their smile transforms.

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