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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Don’t Miss the Rams Training Camp at UCI

LA Rams Training Camp at UCI

I grew-up in a house full of girls, and I don’t have a memory of watching a single football game as a child. It wasn’t until meeting my husband that I was introduced to the sport, and with his family being huge Rams fans (even though they left for Saint Louis) I began sitting through many nights watch football on television.

Watching the Rams Train

Watching the LA Rams Practice

Waiting to meet the Rams

Now that I have children, and two boys, a love for football was passed down to my boys from their father and grandfather. Who is their favorite team? The Rams. The first gift that my kids were given from the grandfather was a St. Louis Rams baby onesie. Over time, my boys have collected everything Rams from ponchos to t-shirts, and they have a massive collection of Rams memorabilia.

Waiting for Rams Autographs

UCI and LA Rams

Tyler with the LA Rams

When the news broke that the Rams were coming back to LA, my boys were over the moon. Then when they learned that they would have the Rams training camp right here in Orange County, they couldn’t wait to see their favorite players practice.

Rams Training

Rams Training Camp Token

Rams Training at UCI

We went to one of their first practices not knowing what to expect. My son had an appointment at the UCI eye clinic, so we walked over to their practice after his appointment. Since we walked, we avoided the $10 parking fee.

Rams Quarterback

Rams practice game

Rams Kids Autograph Session

The event is FREE to the public (except for parking). We walked around the field multiple times where my boys watched in awe of their favorite players practicing for the season. There is a kids area at the back of the stadium where the kids can toss around a football, climb on a jumper or get a refreshing snack.

Rams Game

Rams autograph ball

Practicing Football at the Rams Training Camp

The big question I had was…how do we sign-up for the autograph session?

Only children under the age of 14 can ask for autographs at the training camp, and photos with “big” cameras are not allowed – I was yelled at multiple times for trying to take photos with my camera.

Loving watching the Rams Practice

Love for the LA Rams

Then we found out that Rams staff were handing out “random” tokens for the autograph session, and there are a limited amount. Once our kids found this out, they began asking every employee they spotted if they had a token. It almost took away from the fun of them enjoying watching the practice because they were so fixated on trying to score one of these coveted tokens.

LA Rams

LA Rams Training Camp

LA Rams Gurly giving out autographs

Finally, they saw a Rams employee flash something white in the palm of their hand, and they dashed over, where they scored two tokens (one for us, and one for the friends we were with). The only problem is that the token is only good for one kid, and one parent. If you have multiple kids, then you need to bring another adult to supervise them, or be prepared for them to chill on their own in the crowd – which really made me nervous.

LA Rams Goff signed shirt

LA Rams Football Players

LA Rams Fans

Thankfully, I had my 14-year-old with me to watch my other kids, and my friend’s other kids while we did the autograph session. While we were waiting in the line for the players to arrive, our other kids were scoring awesome autographs from players returning to the locker rooms (so keep in mind that you can get autographs if you don’t get a token – but you’ll be smashed in a major crowd of fans).

LA Rams at UCI

Kids showing their Rams autographs

Kids love the LA rams

During the autograph session, the parents and kids are separated, and the kids make their way down a line to get autographs from the different players. They are allowed one signature per player, and autograph balls/sharpies are available for purchase at the concession stands.

Jumper at the Rams Training Camp

Having ice cream at the Rams Training Camp

Getting an LA Rams autograph

In the end, my son had an amazing keepsake that he’ll cherish for years to come growing up with the Rams back in LA. Even if you’re not a fan or your kids are not fans of the Rams, they are sure to become fans over the upcoming years, and I encourage you to bring them to one of the training camps at UCI. There are only a couple of more days left to take advantage of this free and rare opportunity to see them practice – just read all my advice before coming. Also, there is limited shade, so bring an umbrella, lots of water, and apply plenty of sunscreen.

Asking for LA Rams autographs

Fans cheering for the LA Rams

First Rams Autographed Ball

Have fun, and GO RAMS!!

Remaining dates/times (subject to change – confirm on the Rams website)

Thursday, August 18, 2016 5:30 PM
Monday, August 22, 2016 4:30 PM
Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:30 PM
Wednesday, August 24, 2016 3:30 PM
Thursday, August 25, 2016 4:30 PM

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