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Do’s and Don’ts for Winning Child Custody

Child custody battles can be pretty intense, depending on your circumstances. Family law investigations help the parties involved build their cases and procure evidence to back up any claims in court, whether to prove that the child is better off with them or disprove the other party’s capability to raise the child. If you want to win custody, here are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind before presenting yourself in court.

Children and Divorce

What to do

The most important thing to do is to show your utmost willingness to collaborate with other concerned parties and demonstrate that your children will benefit the most from you having custody. Here are ways to improve your chances of winning child custody.

  1. Learn about family law.

Reading up on your state’s child custody laws will help you have a bit more perception about the whole process and will help you know what to expect in advance. If you’re fighting for sole custody of your children, then you must be able to prove why joint custody is not in your children’s best interests. To help educate yourself about family law and guide you through the whole process, consider getting a child support lawyer.

  1. Be there for your children.

Sometimes the best way to demonstrate that you’re willing to take even all the difficult parts of being a parent is to just be there for the kids. Spend time with them and do everyday things like chores and homework to let them get used to you in a familiar situation. Stay active with your children’s education and activities and make it a priority to know their schedules. Then, once in a while, you can take them out to do fun things and bond.

  1. Work with your ex-partner.

A lot of people lose child custody because they refuse to collaborate with the other parent. You need to recognize that they are still a big part of your children’s lives despite your history. They need to know that they can rely on both of you and that you are both willing to put aside your differences for their benefit.

  1. Keep records.

Evidence is everything if you think that your children are not safe with the other parent. If you’re fighting for sole custody to ensure that your children don’t get hurt or neglected based on the other parent’s history of abuse, it’s imperative to have records to back up your claims. Carefully document all your and your children’s interactions with the other parent.

  1. Follow court requests.

This is another way of demonstrating your commitment. If they require you to communicate with your ex-partner or seek counseling, don’t resist. The less you give the authorities any reason to doubt your credibility, the higher your chances are of winning custody.

What not to do

If you want to win child custody, you need to be on your best behavior. If the other parent is fighting for sole custody and you think they’re capable of sabotaging your chances, be careful not to make any slip-ups. Here are some things you should avoid during the process.

  1. Don’t misuse intoxicating substances.

It’s hard to trust a parent that misuses drugs or alcohol. It provides more ammunition for the other parent to build a case that will make you look like you’re not fit to take care of your kids. Don’t show anything that will put your kids at risk and make people believe that you can’t make the proper choices to ensure your children’s well-being.

  1. Don’t degrade your ex-partner.

Your children are still trying to comprehend their new realities. Don’t make it worse by telling negative stories about the other parent. Don’t argue or use foul language with them, especially in front of the kids. They should still be able to maintain that their parents can still be civil with each other.

  1. Don’t misuse your given parenting time.

If you’re given parenting time, take advantage of it. Don’t be late when it’s your turn to pick them up, and don’t reschedule visits. These will create the negative impression that you’re doing these things out of obligation and that you’re not committed enough to spend time with your children.

  1. Don’t involve your children in the case.

A child shouldn’t be pressured to side with any parent during the process. Even though you may be tempted to convince them that they’re better off with you, refrain from doing so. It’s not advised to place such a heavy burden on their shoulders and make them feel like it’s their fault if you don’t win the case.


A child custody case is heaviest on the child. If you’re trying to win child custody, don’t make any desperate attempts, and make sure to act maturely and professionally. Be the better parent in any way you can, and know what to do and what to avoid during the whole process.

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