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Downsizing from a Full-Size SUV to the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

Test drive was provided on behalf of Hyundai

Every morning while driving to drop the kids off at school, I would see my friend Naz zoom past me in her Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. With her fancy sunglasses on, Naz and her kids would wave to me every morning as I would slug along to the elementary school drop-off line in my large SUV. Curious to see what I was missing out on, I test drove a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport for a week.




With 22 MPG around town and 27 MPG on the highway, I was already in love. Coming from a large SUV to a mid-size, I was, of course, worried about the size. What I wasn’t expecting was that this car had just as much room for my growing family of five as my large full-size SUV, but without the high gas costs.



The seats were plush and comfortable allowing plenty of room for my growing tweens to spread out their long legs while on the road. While the kids got comfortable in the car, I was also comfortable knowing that the car has 5 stars overall safety rating. It has 5-stars for the front driver, 4-star passenger and 5-star for both side front and rear-seat crash test ratings.





Having two kids who are tweens, entertainment is a priority when driving them and their friends around town. The car has a great sound system that my kids can manage on the dashboard, and I can take control of the type of music playing in the car on the steering wheel.


Getting lost will never happen when driving this car. The navigation system is one of the most user-friendly navigation systems that I have used. It allowed me to enter quickly in the address of our location, and guided us without delays along the fastest route with its intelligent system.


Overall. The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a great family car, even for larger families. When looking for the perfect car to downsize from your large SUV, the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a great option to accommodate all your family needs. Find your local Hyundai dealer online at

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