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Downtown Disney Day Trip with OC Bus


Ever since my two teenagers started riding the OC Bus to school at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), they keep telling me how much fun the bus is to ride. When trying to plan something fun and unique to do with the kids, I decided to take them on a Downtown Disney day trip with OC Bus.

I had already known that their school bus #83 goes from Laguna Hills to Disneyland without having to change bus lines, so I knew that it would be a fun and seamless adventure. We arrived at the Laguna Hills Transportation Center on a Sunday morning, I parked our Kia Sorento in the parking lot, and we waited for the #83 bus to arrive. Surprisingly, it only took a few minutes before the bus arrived.

There are two ways to pay for the bus ride. You can either purchase a one-day bus pass at your local grocery store, use the OC Bus Mobile Pay app, or bring $2 cash for each person, each way. It is essential to bring single dollar bills (or quarters), the drivers cannot make change with larger bills. Plus, first-time riders will receive 2 free day passes!!

When we got onto the bus, I was overwhelmed by how clean it was. I have used public transportation all over the country, and I had never seen a bus as clean and plush as the one that we took to Disneyland.

My younger son had the time of his life on the bus. He kept talking about everything he was seeing out the windows and his brother and sister were kept talking about their favorite stories while riding the OC Bus to school.

It took about 45 minutes to arrive at Disneyland. There were many short stops along the way, but I was not complaining because I got to enjoy the ride without the stress of driving in traffic along the five freeway.

Once we arrived at Downtown Disney, we dined al fresco at the UVA Bar. We sipped on refreshing glasses of water and savored their exquisite culinary creations.

After lunch, we got an ice cream cone and walked around Downtown Disney. We stopped to play with LEGO’s at the LEGO Store and then got a Starbucks coffee before walking back to the bus stop to return home.

Again, the bus arrived quite quickly – we didn’t have to wait long at all. While on the ride home, my children couldn’t stop talking about all the fun that we had together on our day trip to Downtown Disney.

When looking for something fun, new and exciting to do with your children, plan a day trip to Downtown Disney on an OCTA bus! It is guaranteed to be a day that you’ll remember forever. If you are a current riders, you may enter to win a 30-day pass! Plan your commute/route now at

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  1. I never thought about taking the bus to Downtown Disney/Disneyland–what a great idea! Where is the bus stop in Downtown Disney?

    • There are about 4-5 stops around the Disneyland Resort. Have fun!

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