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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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DYLN Inspired Launch Party

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-1

The OC Mix at SoCo just got even cooler with the opening of the new DYLN Inspired active wear line. Tuesday night my family, and I attended the Launch party. The event and the people were lovely. We dined on a mix of salads from Greenleaf Gourmet Chop Shop, a favorite of mine! Tasted a variety of juices, craft beers and creative cocktails. My husband, Tim (@ocsurfdad) raved about the strawberry cocktail infused with jalapeño from The Mixing Glass.

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-4

Maverick our 1year old was especially excited to say hello to the popular cow, Clementine outside the Cellar Cheese shop.

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-8

I got a chance to speak with President and Founder, Dorian Ayres. Dorian a Newport Beach native shared about his vision behind the brand, and the incredible technology that went in to this revolutionary new activewear line. He explained to me how DYLN Inspired offers the next generation in active wear featuring their exclusive VitaPearl Fabric with far-infrared technology, and accessories that enliven the body making it easy to experience the energy of nature. In a nutshell, the clothing makes you feel amazing without even having to break a sweat.

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-2

DYLN Inspired uses clean lines and beautiful crisp colors in their designs. As a mom, that wears fitness wear often or what I like to call “my uniform”, got me pretty excited to purchase a few items for myself . I love the idea of beautiful apparel that not only makes you look good, but feel good too! Looks like I may need some DYLN Inspired in every color.

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-3

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-6

The added bonus to the event was the admirable charitable contribution. For every purchase 10% of the proceeds went to a very special non-profit organization, Infused fitness. Infused work with underprivileged communities to “find peace and happiness in health.” I love that!

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-9

The night was made complete with live music that inspired an impromptu family dance party, and raffle. Although I didn’t win anything, my prize was watching my husband and son dance to the enthusiastic band in the warm California night.

DYLN Inspired Launch Party-7

So, if you are looking for the latest in active wear or want to wear something that will “literally” make you feel fantastic, head over to DYLN in the OC Mix at SoCo.

Korrie is an Orange County artist, writer, and mom. She loves adventure, fun and spending time with her Family. Korrie feels so blessed to be a mother to her adorable son Maverick(1year old), and wife to Tim Lukei (@ocsurfdad), owner (, and pastor at Mariners Church. She is an identical triplet and co-founder of Triplet Living is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blog inspiring women of all ages. You can also find Korrie and her sisters in the pages of Locale magazine showing you latest fashion trends, and hotspots in Orange County. @tripletliving @korrielukeiart
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