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Early Education: Teaching Your Toddler

Toddlers get such a bad reputation- and it’s true that this age comes with tantrums, power struggles, boundary pushing and broken sleep (still!) But it’s also an incredible time- it’s the point where your baby starts to develop a personality, they start to show their likes and dislikes, they laugh and giggle and do the cutest things that really melt your heart. One of the best things about the toddler age is their ability to learn and their keenness to do so, it means you can have so much fun teaching them about the world and really revel in their excitement. Everything they see and do is pretty much for the first time, and so there’s magic and novelty in everything. And as their parents, you get to experience that too. Here are some of the ways you can enjoy teaching your toddler. 

Find a learning opportunity in everything you do

For a young child, everything is a learning opportunity. From naming objects to counting them, labelling their colour, discovering what they feel like, smell like (and in many cases, what they taste like since everything goes into their mouth!). Narrate your day, tell them what you’re doing even if you think they can’t understand, they pick up much more than you’d think. Work on simple tasks like scooping and pouring and fine motor skills such as trying to tie shoelaces, zips and buttons. Enjoy messy play and messy mealtimes and embrace the chaos. Go outside no matter what the weather, as long as you’re dressed for the season you’ll be fine and there’s so many things to learn and experience. 

Have fun socialising

In early toddlerhood, children tend to play side by side rather than collaborative play- this comes a little later on in their development. But that doesn’t mean that spending time with other children is a waste- quite the opposite. Being around other people is good for both them and you- see if there are any local playgroups or parenting meetup groups where you and your toddler can mix with others, have fun and they can get used to being around other adults and children. 

Consider an education setting

Early education settings like preschools are ideal for getting children used to a school setting but in a really fun and relaxed way. Preschools and other education settings will have tons of age appropriate activities and other things for them to do that you might not have thought of yourself, which can aid in their development. It can also help them to get used to being away from you too, and as much as you’re very much your toddlers favourite person, short spells apart can help with separation anxiety. Your child comes to learn that you leave for a while and then come back, building trust. Many people find that their child comes on leaps and bounds after being in an early education setting, reporting improved speech, better socialisation and more confidence amongst other things. 


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