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Is It Easier to Rent an Apartment in Dallas or Austin?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of people decided to move to the amazing state of Texas. Today, most of them laud this move as the best decision they’ve made, citing significant improvements in their mental wellbeing after moving.

Texas is an excellent place to live, thanks to its warm weather, affordable housing, high-quality education, and many job opportunities.

If you’re planning on moving to Texas, Dallas and Austin are probably the two popular cities you are considering.

In this post, we take a look at the two cities to determine which among them is better for those looking for apartments for rent. Let’s dive in!


If you’re considering moving to Dallas, you will join the hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country that have flocked into this great city in the past few years.

For starters, Dallas is an excellent place to live in. The city’s job market is exploding, primarily because a lot of massive world-class corporations have set up their HQs in or near Dallas. Indeed, it is a little wonder that this city ranks third in the United States for cities with the highest salaries.

That said, renting an apartment in Dallas may be a bit of a challenge for many. With the unexpected influx of people, the demand for housing has shot in the last few years while supply remains nearly the same. This has resulted in steep rent prices as people scramble for the limited good units available.

Even so, you can still find a great place to live at an affordable price. Here are two factors you should consider before renting an apartment in Dallas:


As with most top cities, the location you choose will determine the amount of rent you will pay when you move to Dallas. Apartment complexes built in the heart of the city tend to be more expensive.

But if you’re not particularly keen on living in the city, you could find great affordable housing in the outskirts and suburbs.

How long are you staying?

This is another crucial factor to consider when looking for an apartment in Dallas. For long-term leases, you’ll need to be more careful when choosing a house.

For example, while you could easily tolerate a tiny bathroom or kitchen for a few months, this will quickly drive you nuts if you are tied to a long-term lease.

Also, if you don’t plan to stay for long in Dallas, getting a furnished short-term rental is probably a good idea as you don’t have to travel with all your stuff.


Austin is known for its tantalizing barbecue and cook-outs, hot weather, live music, and an electrifying night scene. Overnight, Austin has become one of the hottest destinations for people looking to move from one state to another.

Consider these things when looking for a home to rent in Austin.

You will need air conditioning

The weather in Austin is great, but it can get pretty hot some days – especially in the summers when temperatures rise above 100 degrees F.

When looking for a rental apartment in Austin, ensure the house you move into has adequate AC. If you don’t, the summer will be unbearably hot for you and possibly spoil the party especially if you just moved here.


Austin is home to the giant campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Being a college town, it is a little wonder that a lot of its neighborhoods are filled almost exclusively with students. One of these is Hyde Park, which hosts thousands of students, university professors and families.

Choosing a suitable location is particularly crucial when looking for an apartment. You want to stay closest to your place of work or school while also living within your means and enjoying the comforts of being in a beautiful city like Austin.

Should I rent a house in Dallas or Austin?

Dallas and Austin are both amazing places to live in. These two cities have a lot in common, from excellent weather to the people’s love for barbecue and live music. This probably explains why so many people considering moving to Texas are torn between choosing one from the other.

The truth is, you might find it challenging to get an apartment in both these cities due to the recent influx of people. Besides, expect to pay higher rent than most cities in the country.

One thing is guaranteed though; you will never regret moving to either Dallas or Austin. We hope you will enjoy your stay in Texas.

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