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Eliminate Pesky Household Odors


Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Product

Between my two boys and our dog, fighting household odors is always a challenge. My younger son plays football, and I always have to remind him to put all his gear in the garage to prevent stinking up the entire house. I have been looking for a natural way to eliminate household odors for quite awhile and haven’t been successful until discovering Fresh Wave.

Fresh Wave is exclusively available at Target and features six different products; odor removing gel, odor removing spray, odor removing packs, fresh pod, candle, and laundry booster. The two products that I have started using and love are the odor removing gel and the laundry booster. The best part is that the product is made with all-natural ingredients, so I don’t have to worry about my kids being exposed to harmful chemicals.

I have put the odor removing gel into my teenage boy’s bedroom. Before using the product, there were days when I had to plug my nose to come into his room to pick up his dirty clothes off the floor. At first, I was worried about using the product in his room because of his severe allergies, and the fact that he cannot tolerate if I wear perfume. Because there are no heavy perfumes in the product, it didn’t bother his allergies at all. The product will last 60-90 days.

The second product that has been life-changing for our family has been the laundry booster. The product has two purposes; to help eliminate odors in clothing and to help clean your washing machine. Anyone who has a front loading washing machine knows that odors can easily build up around the rubber gasket/seals. Those odors can then transfer onto your clothing. I have tried many products with natural ingredients to clean my washing machine, and nothing worked except harsh chemicals until I started using the Fresh Wave laundry booster. The first time I used it to clean my washing machine, all the odors were gone. Plus, I can also use a little bit of it when washing the dogs bedding to help fight those nasty pet odors.

If you are like our family and try to avoid bringing chemical-based products into your home, Fresh Wave is a product that you are going to fall in love with. Their products are made with a blend of plant extracts and water to remove odors from your life. Learn more about Fresh Wave online, Facebook, and Twitter.

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