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Elle Fanning on Her Role in ‘The Boxtrolls’

We attended interviews as a guest of LAIKA

Photo courtesy of Laika

Photo courtesy of Laika

Ella Fanning plays the role of Winnie in the upcoming film “The Boxtrolls.” Fanning has never played a character quite like Winnie before in a film. “You would think she is so cute and sweet, but she loves blood and gross stuff,” said Fanning.

Winnie is a very complex character, “at first the audience won’t like her, but as the movie goes on they will see her sensitive side. She just wants attention from her dad,” said Fanning.

Photo courtesy of Laika

Photo courtesy of Laika

One of the biggest challenges that we would have expected for Fanning would be to create a genuine British accent. Fanning had done two films before “The Boxtrolls” using a British accent, and Fanning shared that she was comfortable with that part of the role. “We had to find the region where she from. We made her a little more posher sounding because she is a big deal. Well, she thinks she is a big deal,” said Fanning.

If you were not aware, “The Boxtrolls,” was based on the book “Here be Monsters!” by Alan Snow. We asked Fanning if she used the book to prepare for her role, and she said, “I didn’t read it before because the Boxtrolls portion is small, and Winnie is not in the book. I would love to read it. I heard it is really good.”

When we first heard about the movie, we thought that it was going to be frightening for children based off the name, and so did Fanning. “At first I thought it would be trolls under a bridge with crazy hair, but these guys are so cute. They have such personalities. People misunderstand them because their name sounds like they are going to be scary monsters, but they are actually scared of everything themselves,” said Fanning.

The film “Coraline” was also made by LAIKA Studios, and Fanning’s sister played the role of Coraline in the film. When asking Fanning if her sister’s part in Coraline helped her with playing Winnie, and she said, “She was working on ‘Coraline’ for seven years, since I was a baby. I would see the puppets when visiting her on set, so going into it I knew what to expect. I was not jumping into it without knowing.”

Winnie will touch your heart in a special way when seeing the film. Don’t miss seeing Elle Fanning in her incredible role as Winnie in “The Boxtrolls” in theaters on September 26th.

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