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What Emerald Green Dress Style Speaks to You?

Emerald green is in a league of its own. It’s a rich, glamorous shade that expresses a sense of mystery, intrigue, and sophistication. Anyone who’s ever worn a dress of emerald green knows it speaks for itself—how could it not with such a dramatic statement hue? Emerald green dresses make their wearers akin to emerald green oceans, dazzling diamonds, and lively forests. It’s impossible for anyone to look at you in deep green and see anything other than a stunning gem. But there are still numerous ways to wear the color depending on the style of your dress. Whether you prefer to strip everything back and highlight the green color or like to add even more flair in the shape of your skirts, these dress styles speak to how you’re feeling. 


Dressy looks are tasteful and classy. They’re often less about frills and more about quality materials, potent shades, and expert draping that flatters. Each element of a dressy dress looks perfected and chic so you, the wearer, get all the credit for looking so put together. They’re for all those fancy hearts that make every day an occasion (because you’ve already got the clothes for it). Wear a dressy dress when you feel cool and composed.

The Frasier Dress in Forest

Just look at that expert draping! How glamorous you look in emerald folds of lightweight crepe material. You’re a classy person who knows how to dress to impress. Somehow, even when you aren’t trying to stand out your look still comes across as elegant. It probably has to do with the way you wear rich colors like emerald green in well-made sustainable fabrics. People can sense taste, and you’ve got it in spades.


Flirty dresses are for those having a good time in cute clothes. The wearers of flirty dresses can’t take anything too seriously when wearing one, which makes them practically irresistible for their wholesome charm. Wear a flirty dress when you’re feeling down to embrace life.

The Esther Dress in Buena

Florals are flirty, especially when you pair them with ruffle details, teeny tie straps, and a sweetheart neckline perfect for a tiny charm necklace. You’ve got all of the above in this sustainably made mini dress. Just like the wildflowers in the fields wink their heads at the sun, your pretty little self looks amazing in this dreamy piece. 


Romantic and flirty dresses pull their inspiration from the same place, but flirty dresses are all about the free-spirited fun, while romantic dresses exude a grounded allure that is both whimsical and enchanting. Wear a romantic dress when you’re feeling dreamy.

The Nadira Dress in Coriander

Your skirts rustle around you as you wander through life, stopping along the way to smell the flowers. You are a portrait of the starry-eyed heroine in this dress, but you’ve got plenty of thoughts behind those eyes. You’re a person who gets stuff done and makes a change, but you do it in appealing colors and gorgeous gowns.


Minimalistic dresses are simple perfection for wearers who don’t want to go the extra mile in the fashion arena to go the extra mile in life. Sometimes a toned down dress helps you fly farther without all the extra encumbrances of frills and patterns. A minimalistic dress is like a game face. Wear one when you’re ready to tackle the job.

The Cassi Dress in Forest

You like barebones dress styles because you know you don’t need anything more than a flattering silhouette and strong color. With these you can command any room, regardless of what the others are wearing. You pick high quality sustainable materials, bold shades, and comfortable shapes and then you simply live. You’re wearing the dress, you’re in control, you’re living your life. It’s as simple as that.

Comfy Chic

Comfy chic dresses are those that look amazing and well styled, yet they look so comfortable that everyone wishes they had one on. The myth that beauty is pain got it wrong, because we live in a world where dresses can be both adorable and cozy.  There need be no sacrifice involved in getting dressed when you want to look great and feel great. Wear comfy chic . . . every day! There’s seriously no reason not to. 

The Kenzie Dress in Coriander

When you add rich emerald green to the combination of chic and comfy, you end up with a perfect amalgamation of moods that can be worn to any event. The long sleeves keep you covered in air conditioned rooms and changing seasons, while the flared skirt gives you space to move and breathe. Run your errands, go to a party, eat a salad, eat a whole pizza, walk around an art gallery, curl up in the car on a spontaneous long drive–-whatever you do, do it in this dress. It was made for versatility.

Emerald green exudes deep sophistication and mystery while still coming across as fresh and natural. When you wear the color, you appear the same way, you person of great taste. These dress styles encompass most moods you might be feeling, and emerald green suits them all. Sounds like it’s time to go out and buy an emerald green dress. It’s your chance to shine.

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