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Why Emeralds Are Great for Engagement Rings

Nothing is more exciting to a couple than when you finally decide to get married. In many cultures, the man in the relationship usually has to pose one of the most important questions to his partner, “Will you marry me?” While holding a ring, it is customary for the man to bend one knee when asking his girlfriend to marry him.

Now, let’s stick with the part about rings. There are so many kinds of engagement rings, most of which are made of metal and precious stones. Besides diamonds, some of the most commonly used gemstones on engagement rings include rubies, sapphire, tanzanite, and many others. Here’s why emeralds make great engagement rings.

1. Emerald’s Symbolism 

As you can tell from the name, emeralds are basically green in color, symbolizing renewal, growth, rebirth, and the beauty of spring. They are often associated with wisdom as well. Most importantly, the emerald gem is said to represent true love, fidelity, and commitment, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. Modern cultures also associate it with wealth, thanks for its green color of money alongside its great value.

2. Varieties of Emerald Engagement Rings 

Another great reason to pick emeralds for engagement rings is the immense variety they come in. If you check out the emerald rings from Diamondere, you will notice that they come in various shapes, sizes, appearances, carat ranges, and designs. However, emeralds can be grouped into two main categories as follows.

  • Natural emeralds – These are extremely rare, pricier, and naturally beautiful.
  • Lab-made emeralds – These are more affordable, have higher clarity, and are easier to maintain

All the same, you have lots of options to pick from when getting an emerald ring for your engagement.

3. More Great Reasons to Get an Emerald Ring 

There are a few more reasons to consider using an emerald on an engagement ring. Some of these include:

  • Extreme Beauty – As mentioned earlier, emeralds are extremely eye-catching. When treated with cedar oil, emeralds appear greener and even more beautiful. On the other hand, Lab-made emeralds appear more attractive when cleaned with a steam cleaner or ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Durability – In case you didn’t know, emeralds are impressively long-lasting. This is thanks to their 7.5-8 hardness score on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes them less prone to chips and scratches. This is among the reasons they are used in different types of jewelry besides rings, from pendants to bracelets. Nonetheless, inclusions on natural emeralds can increase their vulnerability to chipping once they reach the type III stones’ surface.
  • Valuable – Due to their extreme rarity, quality natural emeralds can be pricier than diamonds of the same size. Your partner will appreciate the ring for a long time to come after your engagement party considering its value and the effort it took to acquire the gemstone.
  • A Nice Sparkle – One of the main reasons diamonds are loved is the rainbow-like sparkle they produce once hit by a beam of light. Even though natural emeralds have a lower refractive index compared to diamonds, they also produce a nice sparkle when hit by light. They almost glow, making them a great stone for an engagement ring!

4. Comparison to Rubies and Sapphire 

If you know a bit about precious stones, you must have heard about the big three gemstones. These are sapphire, rubies, and, of course, emeralds. They are categorized as so because of their hardness, rarity, and overall value.

In terms of rarity, emeralds are harder to find than sapphire but rubies are rarer. Also, emeralds always have a green tinge, but the intensity may vary depending on where they’re sourced. As per the value, emerald and sapphire prices per carat are more or less the same, but rubies could sell higher per carat.

In conclusion, emeralds make a great stone for engagement rings. They are long-lasting, valuable, and quite beautiful. They can be a great symbol of love and commitment to your relationship with a significant other.

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