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Employment 101: Wrongful Termination

It is not easy to work, regardless of your field of expertise. You can dedicate your time and effort in making a contribution to a company. However, there are instances where companies or employers will let go of you. Sometimes, it can be due to a legitimate reason. However, this is not always the case. There are times when employers terminate their work personnel even for the pettiest of reasons. So, if you think you’re the victim of such, you can do something about it. Let’s get into the world of wrongful termination.

Defining What Wrongful Termination Is

Wrongful termination is the process in which an employer or company lets you go due to an illegal reason. There are factors that come into place when it comes to illegally relieving an employee. Check some of them out below:

  •       Race
  •       Gender
  •       Religious belief
  •       Ethnic background
  •       Disability
  •       And so on

In addition, there are several types of wrongful termination scenarios out there.

  •       Termination without a legitimate cause

This kind of termination is the result of an individual’s poor performance. Or maybe a company merely decides that a worker is of no use to them anymore. This type of termination does not require you to have any workplace violations at all. It is more of something a company or an employer does on a whim.

  •       Termination with a cause

This variation is the exact antithesis of termination without a cause.  Here, a company sacks an employee due to the most severe of workplace violations and misconduct. Such offenses include sexual harassment, theft, and so much more.

  •       Constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal happens when a company makes sudden changes to the workplace. Such a change results in an employee or two deciding to leave the office for good. They choose to do so in order to avoid any unwanted work changes that they might experience.

There Are Other Reasons For Wrongful Termination

If you think that is the end of it, you are dead wrong. There are a few more reasons why a company decides to fire some workers. See for yourself:

  •       A worker decides to start a union, or joins a union.
  •       A worker decides to let someone know about work abuse that is happening.
  •       A worker becomes a whistleblower to shed some light on an employer’s wrongdoings.
  •       Illegal activities in the working environment.
  •       And so much more

Take A Moment To Think

You have to first consider a number of determinants to see if you are the victim of wrongful termination. Not because a company has decided to let you go, it immediately means illegal firing.

In some instances, there are legitimate reasons why a company will fire you. Some of them include the following:

  •       A company decides to relocate to another place.
  •       A company has financial difficulties.
  •       There are internal matters happening within the industry.

You Can Do Something

First, it is paramount that you make sure you are the victim of a wrongful termination. It will help that you have the appropriate information regarding the release. The Best thing you can do first is to contact a legal specialist. You can hire an employment lawyer. You won’t have trouble finding one. Each city in each state has a firm or two that specializes in employment-related issues. Or if you don’t want to visit a company, you can always head online. The internet does not have a shortage in employment lawyers. You will have access to online legal companies, or an employment lawyer kansas city has to showcase.

Getting Back On Your Feet

An employment lawyer will handle all the legal aspects of the wrongful termination. You, on the other hand, can focus on different matters. You can start getting back on your feet. Here are some tips for you to do so.

  •       Take a break

Wrongful dismissals often have a negative impact on one’s mental health. You can take a vacation or a couple of days to rest.

  •       Talk to someone

It helps to get in touch with family and friends after you have been wrongfully dismissed from work. They can offer you consolation, as well as things you can do afterwards.

  •       Prepare for your next job

The first step to this aspect is to update your resume. Include all the necessary information you can collect for such documentation. It will help you find a new job later.

  •       Get back on the job hunt

It may get tough, but finding your next job is not impossible. You can start your job hunting online.

To Conclude Things

Wrongful termination is illegal. Any work-related dismissal should undergo a strict process. Once you think you have been the victim of such an action, you can do a number of things. The first would be to contact an employment lawyer who will help you get any compensation you rightfully deserve.

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