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Empowering Girls in Alice Through the Looking Glass

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


The one thing that stood out to me when watching “Alice Through the Looking Glass” was the great message that it sends to young girls. As a mother of a teenager daughter, I know now more than ever how important it is for her to exposed to role models in real-life and on the big screen that inspire her to follow her dreams and know that anything she puts her mind to is possible.


Suzanne Todd, the producer of “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” embraces girl empowerment. After hearing her talk at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Florida last month about empowering young girls, I cleared my scheduled this past weekend when given the chance to meet with her in Los Angeles. Suzanne Todd is a remarkable mom, woman, and is changing the world with the films that she is creating. When I met with her in Los Angeles last weekend, she was joined by two other incredible women in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway (The White Queen), and Mia Wasikowska (Alice Kingsleigh) along with the talented director James Bobin.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

After sitting down in a tea party setting, Suzanne Todd was asked why they decided to make this movie, and why now? She said, “It took us a long time after the first movie to come up with an idea that we thought was worth taking on. These movies are very difficult to make, so we went back to the literature, and what’s been so popular for 150 years. Themes came up that we were interested in, and we focused on what you see in the movie which is time, the preciousness of time, and spending time with loved ones. Also, what a pretty kick-ass girl can do if she sets her mind to it.”

Cast of Alice Through the Looking Glass

Mia Wasikowska added by saying, “There are so many messages in the film that I think are really great. There are always things we wished that we had done in the past, but the best way to have peace with it is to accept it, move forward, and not try to change it.”


While watching the movie for the first time, Anne Hathaway found herself crying about a specific scene in the film. “It was the scene where Alice wakes up, she is in a mental institution, and the reason she is committed was for being excitable, and imaginative. They try to inject her with a drug to dull her, to make her think less of herself, and to be more controllable. She fights back. I felt bursting with pride to be in a movie that is taking the narrative back,” said Hathaway.

“We need to stop the narrative of saying that women lose power as they get older. I am becoming way more powerful as I get older, and I am tired of myself feeling the opposite. We need everyone to take the narrative back like Alice does.” Anne Hathaway


After Hathaway had made that powerful statement, everyone in the room began to clap. Then Suzanne Todd asked everyone in the room to raise their hand if someone has ever said to them that they can’t do something because they are a woman, and almost every woman in the room raised their hand. After that powerful moment, Suzanne Todd said, “I have a daughter. Unfortunately, it’s commonplace in society, and it is part of what has been part of the narrative for so long. There are some positive things happening to change it.”

Alice Throught the Looking Glass Interview

“I think we are all really happy that we get to be a part of the conversation to be talking about a big summer movie, and also talking about female empowerment. Hopefully, that is a step towards change.” Suzanne Todd

Don’t miss bringing your young girls to feel empowered by the magical masterpiece, Alice Through the Looking Glass this weekend!

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