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Enter to Win Tickets to Disneyland for a Final Check-out at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

We visited as a guest of Disney


The time has come for guests to have their final check-out at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The iconic Disney California Adventure Park attraction will close to the public on January 2nd, and will re-open this summer as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout! The new ride will still have the free-falling fun that your family loves but with an exciting new theme.


During Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort families can experience a special celebration at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The Silver Lake Sisters, who once performed at the hotel’s rooftop lounge, will be performing in the lobby of the hotel until October 31st.


Guests who arrive at the hotel after dark have an opportunity to experience the ride, unlike anything they’ve experienced before with “Late Check-Out.” During late check-out at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, guests will explore a different dimension while free-falling in complete – darkness!!

Guess what? We are thrilled to be sending one family to the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time to experience the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror one last time. Enter to win in the form below (4) 1-day Disneyland Resort Park Hoppers tickets to be used for a visit on any day through Nov. 1, 2016. The winner will be announced on October 19th. Enter to win in the form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway tickets are courtesy of Disney

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  1. Disneyland during the holidays is my favorite time to visit. Thank you for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  2. I love the Mickey’s halloween parade, so spooky and fun! and I love all the pumpkin decorations throughout the park, so cool!

  3. Our favorite thing is the haunted mansion we absolutely love nightmare before Christmas!

  4. Love Small World Halloween Edition!

  5. We love he decorations, the parade, the haunted mansion, and of course the fireworks!

  6. We love the decorations and the feeling of being little kids again! Our inner child shines!

  7. I live all the decorations!

  8. I have been dying to take my son to Disneyland! He has never been!

  9. Love the haunted mansion and all the decorations!

  10. What an awesome giveaway!! Would love to win and take the family. Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  11. Never been to Disneyland during Halloween time but have seen pictures of how beautiful they decorate the place and would love to see it in person one day!

  12. We have never been for halloween, i would love to take my girls! We love the parades!!

  13. This would be dream

  14. We love all of the decorations and all the fall treats!

  15. Halloween is my favorite holiday so of course I really enjoy the all out decoration that Disneyland does. The haunted mansion is over the top and is my favorite.

  16. I love the Haunted Mandion ride at Halloween time, and all the fabulous Mickey pumpkin ? decorations!!

  17. We have never been to Halloween time at Disneyland we would love to go!

  18. My daughter loves Disneyland!! What a great opportunity! Thanks for this chance!

  19. Our favorite thing is the haunted mansion!

  20. I love the themed food – especially the candy apples. We also love the Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas decor. Such a great event. Thanks for the chance!G

  21. Halloween is my favorite time of year!! I love everything about it from the lights to dressing up! Such an exciting time!

  22. we have never been on that ride, and would love to go on before it is gone forever.

  23. I love the changing of Haunted Mansion for the season. I love the Nightmare Before Christmas so it’s nice to see a touch screen f it in the parks for a bit 🙂

  24. Love all the decorations and getting to see more villain characters!

  25. My favorite part of Halloween time is the haunted mansion and the gingerbread haunted house inside. I also love the giant pumpkin mickey that greets you at the beginning of main street.

  26. Still cant believe they are replacing such an iconic ride. Hope to see it again soon!!

  27. We especially enjoy the Halloween themed decorations at the haunted mansion, and all over the park.

  28. Thats so crazy to me that they’re gonna replace such an iconic ride. Well, hope I get to see it again, soon!

  29. We love Disneyland and all the fall decorations at Halloween time 🙂

  30. We love the Nightmare before Christmas Haunted Mansion!

  31. We love the Nightmare before Christmas Haunted Mansion!

  32. My sons fav holiday and Disney does ambiance n decorations just right!

  33. We got rid of our passes & I miss it! That is one of our favorite rides! We’d love to go back!

  34. I I love old the rides enjoy whith y grandkids.

  35. My kids would love to go to Disneyland!

  36. My kids would love to go to Disneyland!

  37. The fall decorations are my favorite! I also love that they play with the spooky, but don’t go over the top scary…perfect for the whole family!

  38. I know a family who would love these!

  39. I love all the details all around the park and the great fall foods.

  40. My favorite thing is that its not scary and we get candy!!

  41. Please. I really would like to go and show the Magic of Disneyland! 🙂

  42. I love how haunted mansion turns into nightmarr before christmas. I love all the pumpkin decorations in the main entrance and on Main st. I especially love how the have mickeys halloween party and how all the cast memebers’ uniforms go along with the halloween spirit. The friendlinesd of Mickey and all his friends and cast members makes disneyland even more enjoyable, especially during holiday festivities. It would be amazing to have a trip there before tower of terror closes too! I love disney (:

  43. I love the Halloween treats like caramel apples! and the Haunted Mansion can’t be beat.

  44. The haunted mansion.

  45. I love the decor during the holidays and Woody’s Round-up.

  46. We love the decorations…..My 7 year old loves the villains!

  47. I’ve never been during Halloween but the decorations look cute!

  48. 1st Disney Halloween

  49. The hunted Mension is one of my favorite, and all the decorations are just amazing, really make my dreams come true, even if i am 52 years old .

  50. Our favorite thing about Halloween time at Disneyland is all the fun decorations and activities! Halloween is our favorite holiday! We love dressing in costumes and taking family pictures!
    This year my toddler is going to be Snow White!

  51. We have not been to Disneyland for 6 years, but when we went, we loved all the amazing decorations, pumpkins and the magic of it all!

  52. I love Disneyland at Halloween time!

  53. I love Mickey’s Halloween party during October!

  54. My boys would love to go to Disneyland

  55. We have yet to go with all our kids during Halloween time but know they would LOVE all the decor and theming

  56. My son is obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas. We would love to take him to see the haunted house during this time! Thank you!

  57. How fun! We love Disneyland!

  58. We LOVE Disneyland during the holidays!!!

  59. We love Disneyland during the holidays!

  60. Halloween at Disney…so exciting!

  61. I love that the haunted mansion is decorated in the nightmare before Christmas theme and all the cute pumpkins around the park!

  62. I love the decorations at Disneyland for Halloween!.

  63. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for having it.

  64. This is an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for having it.

  65. I love the decorations and the Halloween parade.

  66. My boys and I LOVE Disneyland during the holidays. The decorations are amazing and I love how they customize the rides!

  67. Holiday time is WONDERFUL….. Want my children to have this experience….

  68. Fingers crossed

  69. I love it because it means Christmastime is near!!❤

  70. I just love Halloween. I love the Haunted Mansion and all the extra things the add for the Halloween season! Thanks for a chance!

  71. Disneyland + Holidays = Best.thing.ever.

  72. I Have never been to Disneyland at Halloween time.

  73. My favorite part of Halloween is always coming up with a costume

  74. We have actually never been to Disneyland at Halloween time, so this would be a first! I would especially love to see the Haunted Mansion all dressed up for Halloween 🙂

  75. jack skellington’s haunted mansion =)

  76. i love disneyland.. and a will love celebrate my birthday oct 28 … 🙂 with my family …

  77. Love the Haunted Mansion at Dinsey during Halloween!

  78. The decorations! Taking a picture in front of he big Mickey pumpkin!

  79. Haunted mansion…Sign me up!!

  80. Haunted mansion…Sign me up!!

  81. Disneyland during the holidays is even more magical than other times, if that’s even possible. Disney makes Halloween so fun and not so scary for the kids! My kids had a blast trick or treating. It was the best time we had there and can’t wait to go back!

  82. Thank you for the opportunity! I love the holidays at Disneyland!

  83. My favorite thing is The Haunted Mansion and Jack Skellington!

  84. The atmosphere is the best!!!! Crossing my fingers and toes hahahaha

  85. What a fun giveaway. Would love to win!!

  86. We love the park decorated spooky and the spooky treats they offer during October!

  87. I would love to win this!! We are a blended family, and our favorite family thing to do is watch Disney movies. We have only been to Disneyland once as a family and I would love to go again before my 18 year okd step-son leaves for basic training!

  88. I love all the fall flavor treats! The park is filled with new seasonal yummy goodies!

  89. All of the amazing Halloween decorations!

  90. My boys would love this! They have never experienced Halloween time at Disneyland! So fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  91. Wow, sounds awesome!

  92. This is wonderful!

  93. I’d love to be able to take my kiddos to Disneyland for Halloween time! We love Disney during the holidays!

  94. Love all the decor in general!

  95. I love the fun spookiness of Disneyland at Halloween time!

  96. The amazing decorations!

  97. Love the haunted mansion during Halloween.

  98. What’s not to love about Disneyland during the holidays? We love everything about it!

  99. I love the Mickey shaped pumpkins!

  100. HI love the Haunted House at Halloween Time.

  101. We have never been during Halloween/October and would love to check it out. We love the Main Street parade.

  102. We love everything about Disneyland! But never been there during any kind of Holliday! This will be an awsome experience for my kids!!! I would love to win this tickets

  103. I’ve never been during Halloween time but it looks SO fun love the decorations, would love to go in the Haunted Mansion during Halloween time!.

  104. Our favorite part is enjoying the Halloween decorations at Disneyland.

  105. Mickey mouse!

  106. the decor!

  107. the fun decorations and themes.

  108. I love all the decorations! Especially the pumpkins ???

  109. We have NEVER been to Disneyland during Halloween time, but we’ve heard all about how incredibly awesome all the decorations are! I would love the opportunity to take my family! ?

  110. Definitely the Haunted Mansion!!

  111. I have not been back to Disneyland in so long. Would love to take my son there. Haunted Mansion, splash mountain, pirates of the Caribbean are among my favorites!

  112. I really like the costumes. They are very dramatic!

  113. My husband helped to build the Haunted Mansion and I have loved it ever since!

  114. We love the Haunted Mansion during Halloween time. I enjoy all the decor.

  115. I’ve never been to Disneyland at halloween time but would love to check it out

  116. I love the way the Haunted Mansion is decorated!

  117. I love the Halloween decorations at Disneyland

  118. I would imagine we would love everything! My kids have never been to Disneyland. They have been wanting to go so bad and I would love to be able to take them! Especially during Halloween. One of our favorite holidays!

  119. My favorite thing at disneyland is the haunted mansion

  120. I love the haunted mansion decorated with the nightmare before Christmas!

  121. I really enjoy the Haunted Mansion. Plus taking pictures with all the characters dressed in their Halloween costumes.

  122. decorations!!

  123. love the old memories we’ve made there

  124. Love the halloween decoration full of amazing colors! Love that is not too scary

  125. I’ve only been once & I loved the haunted mansion all decked out in Nightmare

  126. I love the Meet and Greets with all the Villains that come out and play at Mickey’s Halloween Party!!!!

  127. Halloween ? at Disneyland makes me feel like a kid again. I love ❤️ how everything is decorated at the park. It’s by far my favorite time of year. ????

  128. I love how Haunted Mansion converts to Nightmare before Christmas!

  129. Halloween through Christmas is always an amazing time to visit. Unfortunately, we haven’t experienced it in years. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  130. We love everything about disneyland 🙂

  131. Great pics! We’ve been talking about going!

  132. we love the fall vibe in the air

  133. I love all the decorations!

  134. My family have never been to Disneyland during Halloween but think we could the no soo gruesome Halloween decor which really scares my soon to be 7 year old daughter.

  135. I ❤ The Haunted Mansion and all the spooky decorations.

  136. I have not been there for Halloween we have not gone since our sons heart transplant in 2004 love to visit there.

  137. I have not been there for Halloween we have not gone since our sons heart transplant in 2004 love to visit there.

  138. I love everything about Halloween TIme!

  139. My favorite is the decorations & the characters dressed up in their special attire 🙂

  140. The giant pumpkin on main Street is my favorite part about Halloween at Disneyland

  141. I love all of these decorations and the villains that come out!

  142. All of the cool decorations!

  143. I love the not so scary decorations!

  144. My favorite part of Disneyland are the holiday decorations!

  145. Our favorite part of Disneyland on Halloween is the Haunted Mansion and all the incredible decorations!

  146. I love the decorations. It makes me feel like I am back east even when the weather is hot. So magical!!!

    • I love all the Mickey pumpkins and lights.

  147. The Haunted Mansion and the Halloween party – so fun!

  148. The gidant pumpkin on main street and I love all of the decorations

  149. I love the parade and fireworks during every holiday but especially during Halloween. Love that the villains are out and about!

  150. We live the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay!!

  151. I love how they change the Haunted Mansion!

  152. I love all the fall colors and pumpkins everywhere!

  153. What an amazing site and giveaway! Thank you!

  154. We LOVE Halloween. It is one of our favorite holidays to decorate and do activities for. We’d love a chance to take our family for the first time and let them experience the magic of Disney!

  155. We have never been to Disney during Halloween, but the pictures I’ve seen make it look over the top magical!

  156. I just love Disneyland at Halloween and Christmas time, crossing my fingers, hopefully will win so I can see the decorations this year.

  157. Halloween in Disneyland is my favorite time of the year. It’s so magical! I love seeing the villains, so great to see them in the parks! Even if we know they’re to no good hahahaha 😀

  158. I love the haunted mansion during Halloween.

  159. I love all the Mickey pumpkins! And the weather! I love that its chilly enough when the sun goes down for all the fall treats with the kiddos!

  160. MY dream is to visit during the fall someday! All the decor looks simply magical! And I want a Caramel Apple Smoothie and Mickey Bat Cookie!

  161. the fun halloween activities and decor.

  162. One of my favorite things about Halloween Time at Disneyland is that it’s not too scary for my 8 year old son! THANK YOU!!!

  163. Would love to see Disneyland at Halloween! Thank you for the opportunity!

  164. The decorations are fun and festive at Halloween time.

  165. We love seeing the big Mickey Pumpkin on Main Street!! Halloween time is the beginning of our holiday season at Disneyland. We just love this time of year!

  166. I love the Halloween parties and all the Halloween decorations!

  167. We love Disneyland at Halloween time! So much fun and not too spooky like other parks!

  168. I LOVE Halloween time because of all the fun festivities of family time, chilly nights at Disney, and because it’s my sisters birthday on October 31st! So we are always excited for this time of the year!

  169. I’ve never been to Disneyland at Halloween, so it would be great to be able to go!

  170. I love seeing all the Disney characters in costumes! Too cute!

  171. What a great giveaway….crossing my fingers:) Thank you!!

  172. My family loves the haunted mansion!

  173. I love the decorations, I love the special food items, I love the merchandise, heck, I love everything about it!

  174. I’ve never been a Halloween or Christmas but I’d love to take my kids to experience the fun. Disneyland is awesome anytime. 🙂

  175. I’ve never been to Disneyland during the holidays but I have to believe that it will be amazing, and I would love for my kids to experience it!

  176. Nightmare before christmas ride

  177. I love visiting theme parks at Halloween time, love the decorations!

  178. Would love to take my kids

  179. I love the decorations, the cheer in the air despite the ghouls.

  180. It’s my favorite time of year and what I LOVE best is seeing the park through my daughters eyes….it is truly magical and brings me right back to my childhood!

  181. Halloween has always been my favorite time at Disneyland and I’d love the opportunity to let me daughter be able to experience the Tower of Terror before it’s gone!

  182. What an amazing giveaway! Disneyland this time of year seems extra magical, I would love to take my family to experience Halloween at the happiest place on earth!

  183. Oh my my family would love this!!!!!!!!

  184. Love all the yummy goodies.

  185. We’re never been to Disneyland therefore we have not favorite time/show yet. I would be more than happy to win and be able to enjoy this spooky and amazing experience with my daughters and husband. Thanks for the chance.

  186. The decorations! But did trick or treating for the first time this year and loved it.

  187. We would love to take our October birthday boys there this month to celebrate their birthdays! My oldest and my hubby love Tower of Terror and are desperate to ride it before it changes but we can’t afford to go in time! And we have a toddler who is super into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and would be over the moon thrilled to be at Disneyland!

  188. I don’t have a fave thing at Disneyland during Halloween time because I haven’t been lucky enough to go there for a while, but I’m sure I would love many things about it. Thanks!

  189. Would love to win!

  190. The decorations!!!

  191. The fall decorations at Disneyland are my favorite around Halloween time!

  192. We love all of the delicious Fall treats during Halloween!

  193. What I love most about Disney Halloween time is experiencing it with my two daughters. Family time is precious time with my busy schedule. It would be a special treat to go with them to Disneyland!

  194. That it’s closer to Christmas! ?

  195. The decorations!!!

  196. We love going to Disneyland at Halloween time! Love the decorations without the gory costumes! So much fun. Thank you for holding this fun opportunity!

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