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Entertainment Bringing Families Together


We all live such busy lives, and as my kids have grown into teenagers, it has been harder than ever to find times that we can all come together as a family. There is one thing that my family all has in common, and that is a love for entertainment. Unfortunately, the cost of cable television is something that is beyond the financial reach of many families, not allowing them to enjoy great entertainment together as a family.

Since I travel a lot, and we are rarely home, I recently disconnected our home cable service. I have been researching different options to be still able to provide entertainment in our household and recently discovered at Best Buy the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. With the new device, our family can watch movies, shows, live TV, YouTube (my kids favorite) and photos streaming on your TV from all your family’s devices.

Setting up the device to our television was simple. I just plugged the Chromecast into the HDMI port on my TV, and within minutes my teenagers were streaming their favorite shows and listening to their playlists. The best part is that the device works with the apps we have been using to stream: Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, and HBO NOW.

Anyone who has teenagers knows that they can be lazy from time to time. With the Chromecast, they can use their voice to start streaming their favorite show or music. Just say what you want to watch from compatible apps and control your TV hands-free, with Chromecast and Google Home working seamlessly together!

“Ok Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on my living room TV.”

The device has high-speed wireless connectivity. Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately). Now that we are enjoying the Chromecast, our next trip to Best Buy is going to be to upgrade our television.

Ever since having the device in our household, our family has been enjoying more quality time together watching our favorite television shows or playing board games while listening to our favorite music. With the use of the Chromecast, your family can not only save money but enjoy endless entertainment in your home. The Chromecast is currently available at your local Best Buy.

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