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Epic Day with the Cast of Avengers: Infinity War

We attended the event as a guest of Disney

The upcoming film, Avengers: Infinity War, has created so much buzz and anticipation. My oldest son, who is one of the biggest Marvel fans that I know has been following the news that has been being leaked out about this movie for over a year. He has watched every trailer, read every news story, and spent countless hours reviewing his old comic books to try and figure out what he would see when watching the movie. After seeing the film last night, nothing could have prepared him for what he was going to see, and he described the movie as “jaw-dropping.”

Days before taking my son to see the movie at the El Capitan Theatre, I was treated to an unforgettable day with the cast of the film. It was unlike any other film press junket that I had attended before and was an interactive fun event that got everyone in attendance excited about seeing the film later in the week. Normally, we take turns asking the cast questions about the film, but for Avengers: Infinity War it was the Grandmaster (yes..’the’ Grandmaster) who attended the event to facilitate the Q&A. He did it by drawing balls from a hopper that contained balls that dictate which celebrity would be next to get asked a question from the audience of reporters.

Everyone in the crowd cheered as Jeff Goldblum entered the room and introduced the cast. It was an epic moment to see 24 of the most talented actors in Hollywood, along with the Grandmaster in one room, talking about one big film. The Grandmaster spun the hopper and pulled out the first ball to see who would get asked the first question. Of course, the first question that was asked was about the film. Unfortunately, the cast had not even seen the movie and could not leak out any information that they did know about the film.

My son had told me before going to meet the cast that he had read that everyone on the cast was given a different script and that nobody really knew exactly how the story would completely unfold until seeing it at the world premiere. While talking with the cast, I learned that this was true, and they were all just as anxious to see the film as the rest of the world.

So, what do you do when you can’t talk with a cast about the film they had worked so hard to make? You have fun with them! The Grandmaster made the event unforgettable by engaging the audience and the cast in a ‘game show’ type of event. Since we couldn’t talk with the cast about the movie, we ended up talking a lot about fashion, bass fishing, and other random things. It was a fun and unforgettable morning that I will remember forever as one of the best film press events that I have ever attended.

After seeing the film last night, I don’t want to say anything to ruin the experience for all of you. I want you all to see the film and experience the magic of Marvel storytelling in the same way that I did. All I can say is that you need to see this film when it comes out in theaters this Friday. It is guaranteed to become one of your favorite Marvel films of all-time! AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR opens in theaters everywhere on April 27th!

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