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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Epic Giant Slides in Santa Ana


What is your favorite childhood park memory? Mine was going down the metal slides at Bluebird Canyon Park in Laguna Beach. What I loved about the Bluebird Park slides as a kid, was that I would climb the stairs that were built into the side of the hill, before going speeding down the slides. Today, I took the kids exploring around Santa Ana, and we literally stumbled upon the most epic giant slides that I have ever seen!


The area is not the cleanest, a little muddy, and kinda dirty – but kids don’t care! There were two giant slides (giant) and stairs built into the hill right in-between each of the slides. The kids ran out of the car before I even had time to get my seatbelt off, and were immediately testing out the slides only to be let down when they kept getting stuck on the slides.



There were pieces of cardboard laying around the area, so the kids tried using the cardboard to go faster, but again, it didn’t work. We left disappointed, and went to explore the neighboring nature center, and when we went to leave, we saw kids flying down the slides – flying – just like they had hoped they could do.


What was the secret? A local Dad was there with his kids, and he had sprayed pledge on the slides to clean the metal. Our kids played for hours, laughing, screaming, and loving life!


Where is it located? Right inside of the Santiago Creek Wildlife Center at 510 E. Memory Lane in Santa Ana.


What to bring? A towel, pledge, snacks and water. There is also a lot of shade, so I recommend bringing a light sweater to keep the kids warm.


Tips/Suggestions: On the larger slide, there are some large bumps. If your kids are going too fast, they can hit their bottom a little too hard at times.

Have fun enjoying this unique Orange County gem right in the heart of Santa Ana!

Updated photos from recent visit:

Epic Slides in Santa Ana

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Playing on Slides

Going down a slide with cardboard

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Giant Slides in Santa Ana

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  1. Bluebird canyon park was my favorite park when I was growing up too!
    My kids l love it
    I can’t wait to take them to this giant slide

  2. We went to this park on Sunday but didn’t see the slides. We saw a huge tree that had fallen. Are the slides to the east or west of that tree??

  3. Slides are now gone. 😢


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