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Erasing My Breast Surgery Scars


After having my mastopexy (breast lift) at CosmetiCare, I have been diligently using different products to prevent scarring. Although I have been doing everything possible to erase my breast surgery scars, I wasn’t successful in having them disappear completely following my surgery with just creams/gels alone. During one of my follow-up consultations with Dr. Niccole, he recommended that I have a V-Beam laser treatment done to fully erase the surgical lines from my breasts.

Almost everyone who makes the investment of having their breasts done, uses the V-Beam laser to have their surgical lines erased. Once you’ve spent a couple of thousand dollars to get beautiful breasts, why not spend a couple of hundred dollars more, to erase the signs that you had any surgery?

The V-Beam laser is a 3-part process. You’ll have it done once a month for three months, and the cost is only $300 – what a great price to erase your scars!

I went in last month to have my first treatment done. I was a little nervous at first, but the entire staff at CosmetiCare helped to ease my nerves. I walked into the treatment room where there was a giant laser machine warming up. I removed my bra, put on some protective eye glasses, and got ready to have them laser my scars away.

The treatment only took a couple of minutes. It didn’t hurt, and it felt like little zaps as the laser went over my scars. I was given some cream to apply to my scars for a couple of days following the laser treatment, and then I went back to using the Silagen Cream and Kayo Cream twice a day.

The days following the treatment, my surgery lines became very dark, almost black. Then within a couple of weeks, the darkness started to fade, along with my scars. It has been a month since having my first treatment, and my surgery scars have almost completely disappeared. The surgery line around my nipple is completely gone, and you can barely see the line going from my nipple down to the bottom of my breast. I know that after two more treatments, all of my scars will have entirely disappeared.

Before V-Beam

Immediately following the V-Beam laser treatment

One month following first V-Beam treatment

When planning to have a mastopexy or breast augmentation at CosmetiCare, arrange to have a V-Beam laser series once the doctor approves you to be ready for the treatment. Dr. Niccole advised me that the sooner you have the V-Beam done following your breast surgery, the more successful it will be at erasing your surgical scars. If you’ve already had a breast surgery done, I recommend scheduling an appointment to have this treatment.

Learn more about CosmetiCare online or call (949) 718-6900 to make an appointment. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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  1. Breast surgery is a procedure that is not possible to be completed without cuts. And usually females consider a therapy massage for getting rid from scars. That is a painful and discomfort message for many women. It is the main reason they need to compromise with scars but as a plastic surgeon I have solution. Considering a cosmetic surgery would fade out the cuts very easily.

  2. For women that don’t have their desirable breast, cosmetic surgery is a common procedure in reducing or enlarging the size. As well breast surgery scar is an issue, to get rid from them they should ask their cosmetic surgeon. They will surely tell them a beneficial solution.

    • CosmetiCare can help with any scars with laser treatments.

  3. I used Mederma because i had 5 scars from surgery, but but its didnt work that well or very fast. I now use the dermalmd scar serum and I noticed that right away they made the scars smoother and less pink.

    I’ve use dermalmd scar serum about five at a time, and I will continue doing so till its gone. They are about 50% gone after 1 month.

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