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An Introduction to Essential Oils

Have you heard of essential oils, but weren’t sure how to use them or where to buy them?  Eichelle Cleaver, a distributor of doTerra Essential Oils, began using oils years ago, she now teaches others how to use them and where to purchase these natural remedies.  I, too, was intrigued so several months ago, I attended one of her consultations to learn more.

DoTerra Multi Oils

Essential Oils are natural extracts from the seeds, stems, roots, flowers, bark and other parts of plants.  These oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits, while modern scientific study and trends toward a holistic approach to wellness. The availability of essential oils has paved the way for families to reinvent healthcare within their homes.  For me, essential oils have become a way of life because most illnesses that affect my family are the ones that antibiotics don’t cure, like the common cold.  Have you ever been diagnosed with a viral infection and you’re sent home to rest and stand in a steamy shower for relief?  Essential oils are effective against bacteria and viruses because the oils are able to penetrate the cells to fight infections and can be used aromatically, topically and internally.

I asked Eichelle Cleaver, a distributor of doTerra Essential Oils, to give our readers a few examples of how she uses essential oils in her home.   I will only highlight a few of the essential oils that she uses on a daily basis, to prevent anyone from being overwhelmed by the dizzying amount of essential oil uses that can be utilized throughout the day.

Deep Blue, Lavender, Melaleuca and Balance are just a few doTERRA essential oils that have become her first response essentials that rescues each and every day’s little emergencies with quick response and fast acting recovery.  Always just in time and with no side effects, completely safe.  Her days are full of opportunities to take immediate action to pilot, administer and nurture all of her family’s health and wellness issues on a day to day and sometimes minute to minute basis.

Eichelle’s family uses peppermint for nausea, tummy aches, and fevers. Also, it really helps with alertness and focus when her kids, who are 14 and 11 years old, are doing their homework.  She believes that every school should be diffusing peppermint in their classrooms, especially during test taking times. Just think what that might do for our future generation test scores. It could send their test scores soaring!

Melaleuca oil has many uses, but Eichelle has seen large increase of mom’s using Melaleuca for ear infections and they are cutting the infection time dramatically.  Eichelle puts Melaleuca to good use during her kid’s pre-teen and teenage acne years.  Just a quick swipe of Melaleuca and/or Clear Skin blend on her son’s face and gone are those pesky acne issues.  Let’s not forget Melaleuca during these undesirable times: lice, fungus, and yeast infections.  You can see this oil has many uses and especially beneficial for the elementary and junior high stage.

DoTerra Lavender

Lavender’s savior list is so long that I could write an entire blog post on this incredible oil, and maybe I will next month. I keep lavender in the kitchen for cuts and burns. After using Lavender on a recent burn I was amazed at how quickly it healed with no scarring! Stress and kids go hand and hand. Therefore, has become a staple for all moms who need extra help with for a good night’s sleep and need help bringing anxiety levels down. Just inhale a couple of breathes of Lavender and within minutes tranquility is brought back to the mind and heart. My whole family, including dad, uses Lavender on our feet before going to bed at night. Thirty seconds and the oils have absorbed into the bottom of the feet which have the largest pores of the body to distribute directly into the blood stream.  It also works wonders on a sunburn and drying out acne.


I personally use On Guard on my kids feet every day before school to prevent colds during the cold/flu season. Last Fall, I switched from flu shots to a more natural approach with essential oils, and all three of my kids and I have been antibiotic free throughout the entire winter cold/flu season to date. I have since purchased the “Family Physician” pack and now utilize essential oils for various uses from my sons’s allergies to my husband’s acid reflux! The On Guard beadlets are an easy way to carry On Guard in your purse for a quick immune boost when you or your kids need it. I never leave the house without them!

doTERRA Essential Oils are formulated as blends as well as prepared for allergies, colds and flus, sleeping and I use one of the blends, Deep Blue, for everyday aches and pain.   Of course, we can’t talk about pain without speaking of migraine headaches. The cooling blend of the Past Tense roll-on oil is incredibly soothing during any headache.

Whether my family is inhaling doTERRA essential oils, rubbing the oils topically on the skin or taking them internally, rest assured they are a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Almost all of doTERRA’s oils can be taken internally. Remember that most other essential oil brands may not be intended for internal consumption, make sure to read the all labels before using essential oils.

DoTerra Lifestyle Shot

Eichelle’s first response to everyday health concerns are her “emergency” doTERRA essential oils. Life is full of everyday emergencies that need quick response and recovery. After using and empowering her family to take care of their own health safely and naturally, her family no longer uses over the counter medications. They have made doTERRA essential oils their first response to everyday health concerns and are much healthier since thry did.  Eichelle’s family’s lives have been enriched, balanced and healthier.  Her kids think the oils are magic, but she likse to call them her daily lifesaving oils in a bottle.

Wouldn’t it be empowering to help your family with their daily health emergencies? No matter how ordinary or extraordinary the daily emergency is, she always prepared with an oil to save the day!

Join the movement towards healthier living! Contact Eichelle Cleaver for a free consultation at 949-697-0768 or on Facebook at, via email [email protected] rr, online at

Wendy is a wife and mom of three that lives in Ladera Ranch. She enjoys experiencing life through the eyes of her kids, party planning, exercising, and cooking.
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