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How To Establish Healthy Sleeping Patterns In Your Baby

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep since you had your newborn baby? You probably have two straight sleepless nights because of your baby’s inconsistent sleeping schedule. Don’t worry. Many new parents experience the same dilemma. It is one of the rites of passage for being a parent. 

Babies, especially newborns, sleep for about 16 hours or more a day. They have an inconsistent sleeping pattern during their first few months, but it will develop as they mature. The key here is timing. You should tune into your baby’s erratic circadian rhythm. 

So here are some tips for establishing a healthy sleeping pattern in your baby:


  • Sleep In The Same Room


Having your baby sleeping in the same room as you is ideal, especially for newborns up to six months old infants. But your baby should be alone, whether it’s a crib or bassinet. If you have a bigger space in your designated bedroom, opt for the best baby cots or cribs. Maintaining a close vicinity of your child during the early month will help lower the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

Also, note that adult beds are not recommended for infants because they risk being suffocated between the space of the mattress and the bed frame. There’s also a chance that a parent will unconsciously roll over the infant. Don’t take any chances.


  • Set-up The Room Conditions 


Setting up the room conditions will help the baby recognize when it’s time to sleep. Many people, including babies, sleep best when the room is cool. You should set your thermostat between 68 to 72 °F, which is the perfect temperature range because it’s not too cold. When you notice that your baby’s fingers are chilly, don’t be worried because this is normal. You can check her chest using your hand to tell if it’s warm enough. 

When it’s still not dark outside for your baby to sleep, you should close the curtains and use a soft voice when talking. As mentioned, you can use a white noise machine to drown out surrounding sounds. The comfort the memo newborn bassinets provide is also paramount because this is where they will sleep. You can install bassinet attachments or give them a stuffed toy or safety blanket for added comfort.


  • Establish A Calming Bedtime Routine 


You can work on establishing a bedtime routine. You can give a calming bath to your baby, tell a bedtime story, and feed as the last step. You can also massage your baby by gently squeezing their wrists, shoulders, elbows, and knees. Aside from that, you can hum or sing your baby to sleep. If not, you can play white-noise audio to help your baby sleep.


  • Be Ready For Swift Changes 


Chances are your baby soaks his/her diaper in the middle of the night or spits up what he/she fed on. Don’t turn on the lights because this will wake your baby fully, which means you’ll take a long time to get your baby back to sleep again. Instead, prepare ahead of time by using a disposable waterproof pad doubled with another sheet on top. By doing this, you can only remove the top layer and throw away the waterproof pad.


  • Give Your Baby A Chance To Settle Down 


There are times when babies wake up in the middle of the night. They make noise or even cry out loud. But after a while, they settle on their own. When this happens, try to wait for a minute before responding. Eventually, they will calm themselves down as this is completely normal.


  • Consider A Pacifier 


Most babies find it difficult to settle down. Some might cry or fuss before finding their comfortable position to fall asleep. When this behavior doesn’t stop, a pacifier might help. Also, this significantly lowers the risk of SIDS, so you might want to consider buying one for your baby.

Summing Up 

Being a parent is one of the most challenging roles in life. Caring for newborns has two sides — the joy and excitement they bring you and sleep deprivation. It is hard because newborns haven’t established a regular sleeping pattern yet. 

Many parents experience this situation too. Tune out the purposeless comparisons as much as possible because it varies on every parent. You’re responsible for your children’s lives, so you must do your best to nurture them. To solve these sleeping issues, you should observe, have endless patience and flexibility, and remain attentive to their needs.


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