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Evening with BASI Pilates in Costa Mesa

2014-02-13 18.47.18

On Thursday, February 13, 2014, BASI Pilates Studio partnered with SELF Magazine and the American Heart Association for a “Change of Heart” event. The studio held Pilates mat classes throughout the day and we were fortunate to attend the evening class with BASI founder, Rael Isacowitz. We are both new to Pilates so this was a wonderful opportunity to not only try a new fitness program, but to support research and education for heart disease in women. Pilates, in conjunction with an aerobic program, is a great avenue for primary and secondary prevention of heart disease and is particularly beneficial for promoting long-term heart health through stress reduction.

2014-02-13 17.30.44

Ready for pilates – gorgeous view from the studio

Julie’s thoughts:

Since this class was made up of both beginners (such as ourselves) and people who have been doing Pilates for decades, our instructor, Rael, adjusted the routine so that we could each be challenged yet also participate without injury. I knew going into the class that Pilates would work my core – and it did! What I didn’t realize is that it would work my back muscles – muscles I don’t think I realized I had! This was evidenced when Rael took the time to help me correct my posture and ensure that I was doing certain moves correctly. I’m a tactile learner, so when he told the class to “sit up straight” I did what I always do to straighten my back. Little did I know I wasn’t actually “sitting up straight”. I think he got at least another inch of height from me since he took the time to help me. I am now more aware of my posture and I think I will have less neck and back pain because of it.

Real assisting Julie with her posture

Real assisting Julie with her posture

The workout was intense, but not exhausting. Controlled breathing, along with strengthening your core & back seemed to be much of the focus. While the workout didn’t leave me worn out (like a long run or aerobics class can) I did feel like I had a hard workout and my back muscles were definitely sore. I can see that there would be definite benefits from adding Pilates as a regular part of  an exercise regimen. BASI Pilates Studio is a state-of-the-art facility with instructors and staff who are both friendly and knowledgeable.

Sandra’s Thoughts: 

Had an opportunity to go to BASI Pilates studio in Costa Mesa. Walking in I was a little nervous since I had never done Pilates before. Didn’t know what to except. With this studio you have nothing to worry about!  The staff is super friendly and they don’t make you feel like you don’t belong, in fact it was quite the opposite. I felt a warm welcome. The studio is super open, lots of natural light, and very clean.

Sandra - ready to try Pilates

Sandra – ready to try Pilates

Rael  Isacowitz, who we had the privilege of taking a class from,  was magnificent. He genuinely cares about the people he teaches and about the studio he runs.  I am sure the rest of his staff is just as knowledgeable and attentive as he is.

Rael instructing the class

Rael instructing the class

Pilates is not easy and you definitely use muscles until they burn. Repetition is the key, where you repeat a certain pose or maintain a pose for a certain amount of time.  At the same time Pilates doesn’t put your body in a stressful state like some other exercise can.

I have heard of all the wonderful benefits Pilates has to offer. Pilates is a body conditioning that can help with flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance in the legs, abdominal, arms, hips and back. Everything you need to have a healthy body and to keep it from breaking down. With all the running, biking and swimming I do weekly I could definitely benefit from Pilates.

About BASI Pilates Studio:

BASI Pilates Studio is a luxurious and fully equipped Pilates studio in Orange County, CA, offering individual and semi-private sessions in the Pilates method and a dynamic schedule of group exercise classes.

2014-02-13 17.18.01

BASI Pilates Studio is part of an elite global network of over 100 BASI Pilates host studios. It attracts both trainees and Pilates professionals, often hosting some of the industry’s most influential Pilates instructors. Its position at the nexus of the BASI Pilates network make sit a center of Pilates study and innovation. All BASI Studio instructors are trained and accredited by BASI Pilates and teach according to the highly respected BASI Pilates program.

beautiful open layout with a gorgeous view of the city

beautiful open layout with a gorgeous view of the city

Established in 1989 by Pilates master Rael Isacowitz, the BASI Pilates program has proven itself to be the most exacting of its kind in the business. Graduates of the program are acknowledged as being amongst the most skilled and professional in the world. see more at:

Our PIlates Mat Class participants

Our PIlates Mat Class participants

Sandra is Brazilian born; Venezuelan raised currently living in Orange County. Her husband along with their three children has lived in several cities throughout the world. Sandra is a stay at home mom who doesn’t have enough time to run, cook, bike, thrift, DIY, sew, swim, and compete in endurance sports, but she sneaks it in anyway. She has completed in more than 40 races varying between 5K to full marathon and sprints to iron distance triathlons.

Julie is an OC Supermom to six beautiful children in Orange County. She is an editor with Astraea Press, active in the community and enjoys running in her free time.
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