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Everything at Your Fingertips: 10 Must-Have Items No Bathroom Cabinet Should Be Without

Regardless of the number of people living in the home or the size of the bathroom, certain items must appear in the bathroom cabinet.

Bathroom Cabinet

Having these items on hand guarantees they remain easily accessible when a family member becomes ill or when an emergency arises. A well-stocked cabinet ensures last-minutes runs to the pharmacy become a thing of the past. What ten items need to appear in every bathroom cabinet?


Cuts and scrapes happen. No matter how much a person tries to avoid accidents, it’s impossible to sidestep them completely. Having bandages on hand allows you to treat these injuries promptly. Always keep a variety of sizes in your 36 inch bathroom vanity for this reason. When an injury is covered, it tends to heal more rapidly while protecting the injured skin from friction, dirt, damage, and bacteria, among other things.

Baby Wipes

Grab a baby wipe and remove makeup or clean up a spill on the counter. These wipes tend to be cheaper than makeup removal wipes and they are soft on the skin, as they are developed for babies with sensitive skin. The wipes can be used in many other ways. Did you know you can remove deodorant marked from clothes using the wipes or erase mistakes with hair dyes? These wipes are incredibly handy in the bathroom and other rooms in the house, so be sure to have plenty on hand at all times.

Cotton Balls

Kids frequently use cotton balls for craft or school projects, but they come in handy in the bathroom as well. Remove mascara that ended up in the wrong place or clean a cut or scrape with the cotton ball. Use the cotton balls for non-conventional purposes as well in the bathroom. Put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and set it on a shelf in the bathroom cabinet. Every time the cabinet is opened, the scent is released to provide the bathroom with a wonderful aroma.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrushes should be kept in the bathroom cabinet because germs make their way into the air every time the toilet is flushed. By storing the toothbrush behind a closed door, germs remain at bay. When germs are present on the toothbrush, a person might become ill and be unable to get over the sickness because the toothbrush keeps reinfecting them. Additionally, these germs make their way into the mouth where they can cause bad breath, tooth decay, and more. Toothpaste should be stored by the toothbrush also so it’s easy to find when needed.


Along with your toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash helps to keep the mouth clean and fresh. It does much more than this, however. Mouthwash works to remove bacteria from the mouth along with any food particles that the toothbrush missed or couldn’t reach. Reduce cavities by using a mouthwash with fluoride and remineralize the teeth at the same time. Certain mouthwashes available today also help to whiten the teeth. While they can’t provide the same results one would get in a dentist’s office, they can and do brighten the teeth to some extent.

Antiseptic Cream

Untreated cuts and scrapes allow germs to enter the skin where an infection may develop. Antiseptic creams contain penicillin or streptomycin antibiotics that kill the bacteria responsible for infections. When applied to the skin, the cream stops the growth of microorganisms. Furthermore, certain antiseptic creams contain a mild anesthetic to relieve minor pain while soothing the skin.


Men, women, and children need to use sunscreen every day to protect their skin from UV rays that can do damage and bring about early aging. People often assume they are safe on the days where the sun is hiding behind the clouds or during the winter months. However, the skin absorbs up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays even on overcast days, which is why sunscreen is important every day. Additionally, use of this product keeps you looking young for a longer period of time, which every person is sure to appreciate.


Ibuprofen relieves pain and inflammation in the body by reducing the hormones responsible for these symptoms. The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug treats fever, pain, inflammation, and more. People turn to this over-the-counter medication when they are suffering from menstrual cramps, back pain, a toothache, headaches,and minor injuries. In fact, scientists continue to find new uses for this drug and they are currently reaching whether it helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease among other things. Dr. Patrick McGreer, the most cited neuroscientist in Canada, has been researching this drug, and it’s showing great promise for this purpose.


A dull razor fails to provide a clean cut which is very frustrating, but it can actually be harmful to a person as well. When a blade is dull, the person tends to apply more pressure to get a better cut. This added pressure often leads to razor burn and increases the risk of the user nicking the skin. These nicks increase a person’s risk of infection, not to mention they are unattractive. Always keep spare razors in the bathroom vanity so you never have to shave with a dull blade.


With a global pandemic disrupting normal life today, every home needs at least one thermometer to monitor the temperatures of family members. It’s often hard to distinguish between someone who is just warm and someone who is very ill simply by touching their head, and a thermometer removes any doubt when it comes to whether they have a fever. Consider investing in an ear thermometer or one that reads the temperature from a distance so you don’t have to get close to those who may be ill and possibly pick up their germs.

Check your bathroom vanity today to see how many of these items you currently have and which ones you need to pick up. Purchase these items monthly until you have everything you need on hand in the bathroom and a spare stored in another part of the home. This way you can make certain you always have what you need regardless of what life throws at you. This will provide you with much-needed peace of mind.

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