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Exclusive Inside Look into the Walt Disney Animation Research Library

We visited as a guest of Disney

One of the best-kept secrets of the Walt Disney Company is the Walt Disney Animation Research Library. While in Los Angeles earlier this month celebrating the upcoming release of Peter Pan on Movies Anywhere and Multi-Screen Edition: Blu-ray™ + Digital I got the honor of visiting the Walt Disney Animation Research Library. Before being invited to visit the Animation Research Library, I never even knew that it existed.

As we entered the building, we had to turn off the geolocation on our phones so that the location will not be leaked out to the public. We were then advised to put all our bags in a conference room in the lobby, and we weren’t allowed to bring anything with us into the research library, even pens.

The minute that we walked through the doors of the research library, I was in heaven. On a large table were many original drawings and animation cells from the film Peter Pan. I was able to see notes that Walt Disney had written on the drawings for the artists – I was in heaven.

We got an opportunity to learn what they do at the research library, and that is to record, photograph and store all the original artwork from Disney animated films. The staff carefully documents and preserves every piece of art created when making all of Disney’s animation films.

After looking at some of the artwork from the film Peter Pan, We got a chance to go into the storage room where we got to see more animation cells that are being stored in a temperature controlled room along with molds that were used to make past Disney animation films. I got a chance to see the original puppet from Pinocchio, the dolls used to create The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. I could have spent hours exploring all the treasures being stored in the vault.

It was truly a treat getting to visit the Walt Disney Animation Research Library and a moment that I will treasure in my heart forever. Don’t miss adding Peter Pan to your home movie collection and relive the magic of Disney with your children this summer.

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  1. How lucky you were to see these paintings! I am dying to go there to have a look at all the Eyvind Earle background paintings. Maybe one day but it’s a improbable!

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