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Exclusive Interviews with the Cast of Baby Daddy

We attended the interviews as a guest of Disney

After a long day, taking care of the kids, one of the things I enjoy is watching a hilarious comedy with my husband before going to bed. We are always looking for a new television series to watch together, and the series ‘Baby Daddy’ is one of our favorites.


Recently, I went to Los Angeles to have a sneak peek of the winter premiere, visit the set and interview the cast of the show. The winter premiere is one of my favorite episodes partly because of a steamy shower scene (spoiler alert!).


We started by talking to our favorite comedian on the show, the mom, Bonnie Wheeler, played by Melissa Peterman. Peterman was originally cast for a guest spot in the pilot, but they decided to add her on as a full-time cast member. “The first time I sat down for a table read, I felt like we’d been together forever,” said Peterman. Peterman is very active on the show doing lots of falling and tripping. “I adore physical comedy and random falling,” said Peterman. The writers cannot write physical comedy into a script..that is all on the talent of the actors, and Peterman is the best I’ve seen.


I know I had to have gotten your attention by mentioning the steamy shower scene. That scene in the winter premiere features the talented Derek Theler. When Peterman was walking away from talking to us, and Theler sat down to talk to our group, Peterman said, “there was not that many pictures being taking when I was up there.” Baby Daddy is the first lead gig for Theler, and he went through six auditions to get the sitcom role. “Who wouldn’t like to work like this every day?” said Theler. The actor is the first of his family to start in the business, and he has a pre-med degree. “It’s all pure fun. We work all week towards our live Friday night show. The fans, who regularly come, are real..the laugh tracks are real.” said Theler.


One of our favorite actors in the show is Tahj Mowrey, who portrays Tucker Dobbs. I’ve grown-up watching Tahj on the shows ‘Full House’, ‘Who’s the Boss’ and with his sisters on ‘Sister Sister’. It was such an honor to sit down and talk with the actor that I’ve seen grow up with me on all of my favorite television shows. Why did he choose Baby Daddy to be the next step in his career? “I liked the script a lot and that it was a family driven show,” said Mowrey, “When you do it in front of an audience you get instant satisfaction.”

We ended the day with a bang by talking with the Baby Daddy himself, Jean-Luc Bilodeau. One factor of the show that caught my attention was that that the first two sets of twins on the show were OC Babies. That’s right…OC Moms played a huge role in the success of the show. Bilodeau was nervous about starting the first season and meeting the parents of the babies, “especially the first season when I picked up a baby for the first time in my life,” said Bilodeau. After working with the babies on the series, “It has warmed me up to the idea of having a bigger family than I had planned on. I am more comfortable than the first seasons. It’s good practice..although I’ve never changed a diaper,” said Bilodeau.

Don’t miss the winter premiere of Baby Daddy on ABC Family on Wednesday at 8:30pm. I guarantee that you’ll be hooked.

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