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Expand Your Children’s Imagination with Disney Infinity 3.0

We attended a media event as a guest of Disney


There is only one video game that my children play in our house. It is Disney Infinity.

The reason that I enjoy having my children play Disney Infinity is that it encourages imaginary play. It is much more than a video game, and my children can use the characters to expand on their play outside of the “video game” setting. In fact, my younger son has played with his Disney Infinity characters so much over the years that many of them are glue gunned back together and missing limbs. Even though the characters have been put to the test by my younger son, they still work great in the game.

Photo courtesy of Disney Interactive

Photo courtesy of Disney Interactive

Disney Infinity is getting even better this Fall with the introduction of Disney Infinity 3.0. The all-new platform comes at a more affordable price to work with family budgets and more of your kids favorite Disney characters including “Inside Out.” Your children can explore their emotions as Joy, Anger, Sadness and disgust come to life for your kids in the magical world of Disney Infinity.


Three different game modes feature a twist on traditional platforming:
· Clouds, which fade or emit lightning;
· Musical platforms, which must be precisely timed in sync with the beat, and;
· Gravity barriers, which flip the player and the world upside down.


Don’t miss watching “Inside Out” that is in theaters now, and get Disney Infinity 3.0 this Fall.

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