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What to Expect Six Months After Liposuction


Six months after having liposuction surgery, I felt like a completely different person. I looked different, I felt different, and I had a different outlook on life. Almost all of my swelling had gone away, and I loved how perfectly contoured by body was because of the liposuction.

At this point, I felt comfortable to start exercising, so I began an exercise routine. I started small by just walking and then slowly increased to cardio (running). I am not a gym type of person, but it is essential to exercise to maintain my results, so I began hikes/runs on our local trail. If you don’t like physical fitness, I recommend trying new things like I did to discover a type of exercise that you’ll enjoy and want to do every day.

I received a call from CosmetiCare around six months after my procedure to come in for a six-month check-up. I went in to see the doctors at CosmetiCare and they checked my body and were so happy with my results. Liposuction paired with dietary changes are crucial to getting the perfect pre-baby body, and I am proof of that.

Before/After Liposuction

Life was pretty much back to normal six weeks after the surgery. I was doing everything I was doing before. Since I lost a large amount of weight, and my body has an hourglass figure now, I had to start shopping for new clothes to wear. Everything in my closet was too big for me – a good problem to have. I struggled at first with finding new clothes because I haven’t been as skinny as I am now since I was a teenager. I was able to get all the basics for my wardrobe with the help of one of the best stylist in Orange County, Aline Toler. She took me shopping and helped to find clothes that complimented my new figure.

If you’re thinking of having Liposuction done, make an appointment by calling (949) 238-6133. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100 (discount cannot be combine with any other offers).

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