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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Are You Expecting? Make Sure You Do These

Congratulations! You are going to become a parent very soon! When you consider all of these symptoms, like morning sickness, you must feel as though you will never be the same again. You now have a connection that can be severed physically but not emotionally at any time in the future. Before everything in your life gets turned upside down, now is the time to go out and have some fun. It’s not that life after a baby won’t be enjoyable; it just means that everything will revolve around your child and what they require. This is not to say that life after a baby won’t be fun. Take time to enjoy being pregnant and the new life that is developing inside of you, but do so with the understanding that it will be a few years before you can make time for “me.”


After the first three months, during which you will feel sick, you will finally be able to enjoy yourself. Allow us to assist you in compiling a list of the things you need to complete before the arrival of your child and the subsequent takeover of your life by your child.

When the baby arrives, their lives will become completely centred on it. Although you will want to do everything in your power to safeguard your child as it develops, this is your last opportunity to focus on taking care of yourself, which is especially important if this is your first child. It’s possible that you won’t notice it at first, but having a child will bring about significant changes in your life. You might even feel like you’re no longer a couple but just parents. This is acceptable. Because of this, it is of even greater significance to enjoy oneself before the arrival of the baby. It is essential that you prioritise the maintenance of your mental health while you are carrying your child because this does not imply that you will not enjoy life once your family is complete. After all, your body, mind, and way of life are changing to a greater extent than they ever have before, and it can be challenging to acknowledge and accommodate these shifts as they occur.

Before your baby is born, you should experiment with the following things:

Sign Up For A Prenatal Class 

During pregnancy, a woman’s hormone levels can undergo significant shifts. It is essential to maintain both a healthy mind and body if you want to experience happiness in your life. What could be more enjoyable than attending a class in either yoga or aerobics? You will not only be able to make new friends through participation in a group activity, but your child will also have someone to interact with when you are away from the house. You should get in some exercise before you have your child, and some of the best ones to do are prenatal yoga, water aerobics, and swimming. Getting back into shape after giving birth will require at least a few months of patience and persistence. Exercise is good for you while you’re pregnant, so if you were active before you got pregnant, keep it up. You might not be able to do the things you normally do, but you can adapt those things to meet your requirements.

Enjoy Shopping 

As long as your growing belly isn’t giving you any discomfort, you should go ahead and do all the shopping you want. You might want to consider updating the furniture in your house or treat yourself to some new fashionable clothing instead. You should also consider purchasing food for your new baby. Gather some of your close friends or sisters and head out to do some shopping. It is one of the most effective means for women to improve their health. Do not overlook the convenience of shopping online. When you are unable to go out or are too exhausted to do so because of your pregnancy, this is an excellent method for compiling a list of the things you want. You could make a list of some of the things you need that people could give you as gifts at your baby shower, or you could begin making plans for the room that your baby will be occupying when he or she arrives. The act of laying down plans is among the most significant aspects of nesting. When it comes to nesting while pregnant, one of the most frequently asked questions is what items should be added to the list. Make sure you do some research before you buy a bassinet stroller because it is one of the most popular items that people look for. You want to make sure that the bassinet you buy is suitable for both you and your baby.

Plan Some Date Nights Or Babymoon 

After having a baby, you may miss your ME time, but you will also miss your US time for a long time. When the baby comes, you’ll notice that you can’t stop talking about it. Make it a date night. Choose a place with high-end fine dining. When you have kids, your budget might get tight. Enjoy an unbroken movie night. Hug as much as you can. After the baby comes, touching will be the last thing on their minds. Plan a “babymoon” trip. Plan for this best in the second trimester. Spend some time with your partner alone. When your baby comes, you’ll have to put this on hold for at least a few months or years. You will have fun planning your first trip away as a family, and you will eventually be able to spend some time alone in the evenings again, but before the baby comes, you should make it a top priority to spend some quality time together. You might not feel ready to be as emotionally available as you were when you were a couple.

Plan A Spa Trip Or Organise One At Home 

Get new hairstyles, beauty treatments, and spa treatments to treat yourself. A prenatal massage will take care of your aches and pains and calm your mind. Read your favourite book while the masseuse works on your feet. Think about getting a massage with your partner or catching up with your best friend. You will feel better for sure.

Plan a trip with your girlfriends. Pregnant women like to spend time with their friends. Why not go on a trip with the girls? During your second trimester, you might plan a trip that is less exciting but still relaxing and energising and doesn’t require a lot of travel. You might also have girls’ parties, where you can talk, play games, or just talk about other people. This could also be a good time to talk about worries or plan a baby shower. If you’re going with other moms, try not to hear too many stories about giving birth or sleeping. Don’t let the fact that every birth and child is different put you off.

Plan A Photo Session 

It’s important to make memories and record moments. Join a fun photo session. Show off your pregnant belly, act crazy, and get your picture taken while you strike picture-perfect poses. Think about doing a photo shoot with a friend or by yourself. You and your child will always remember these times together.

Enjoy What You Want To Do 

After your baby is born, a quiet lunch will seem like a dream. Now is the time to satisfy your sweet tooth and eat desserts. When you’re first pregnant, you might not like how you feel, but when you’re in your second and third trimesters, you might want to eat a lot more. Don’t write them off. Pay attention to your taste buds and savour those treats that make your mouth water.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Decisions On The Spot 

You’ll soon be in a situation where you have to plan everything. When you have a new baby, you won’t be able to make many last-minute plans. Before you leave the house, you’ll have a long list of things to do. Use the time before you have a baby to do things on the spur of the moment, like going out for brunch, taking a weekend trip, going for a long drive, and so on.

When a woman gets to this point in her pregnancy, she often becomes more careful and aware. Even though they need to be careful and aware, nothing should stop them from having a great time. Having a baby is a big change in your life that will limit you for a while. So give yourself a treat.

Are you going to have a baby? Do you have anything fun or special planned before they come? Why don’t you plan a trip? Please share some of the fun things you like to do in the comments section. We’d love to hear about your plans and add some of them to ours.

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