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Explore a Gold Mine at Eagle & High Peak Mines in Julian

Julian Gold Mine Tour for Families

This year is all about adventure, and our biggest adventure yet has been exploring a REAL goldmine at Eagle & High Peak Mines in Julian. We planned a day trip to visit Grape Day Park and then drove to the small town Julian to do a mine tour, and the mine was one of our kids favorite activities they have ever experienced.

Discovering Gold in Julian

Before going – bring CASH! They will not take checks or credit cards – and there are even signs telling guests NOT to drive onto the property without the proper amount of change. How much does it cost? $10 adults (13+), $5 for kids, and $1 for babies (under the age of one).

Inside of a Real Gold Mine

Interior of the Mine Tour

The mine tour is located down a small dirt road in Julian. The parking lot can get full on a weekend, and you might have to park in the town. If you’re planning to have lunch after the tour, then I would recommend parking in the town, and walking down the dirt road to the tour.

Mining Tour in Julian

The minute that you walk onto the property, your children will be immersed into a different era. The grounds are covered with unique memorabilia, old cars and mining equipment. We were greeted by one of the employees at our car who had a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and asked for our payment before walking onto the property.

Old Antique Ford Cars

The tour began with a lesson how to pan for gold. After learning a little bit about the history, the kids got to have their own chance to experience it themselves. They had panned for a couple of minutes before gold began to shine in their pan.

Old Mining Equipment in Julian

Next was the highlight of the tour – getting to go into a real mine. Just like the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White, we marched into the mine to see if we could discover some gold. There was a guide who took us carefully through the mine and educated our children on the entire history of the gold rush era in Julian. We were able to see tools, shafts and even climb small narrow ladders to the different levels of the mine.

Panning for Gold

There were some times that I found myself feeling a little claustrophobic, so I do not recommend the tour for those who are nervous is small spaces for an extended amount of time. There were multiple times where we had to walk bent over so that we didn’t bump our heads.

The map of the gold mine in Julian

We were inside of the mine for about an hour before coming out a different shaft. Once we exited the mine, we were able to walk down a hill to the place where our tour began. We ended the tour by getting to see the rock crusher and then walked around to look at the different memorabilia.

Eagle & High Peak Mines

I recommend the tour for children and adults of all ages. I do not recommend it for those who are uncomfortable in small places or require assistance with walking (the tour is not wheelchair user accessible).

Mine Tour in Julian California

Once our family was done with the tour, we walked to have lunch at the famous Miners Diner. Eagle & High Peak Mines is located at 2373 C St, Julian, CA 92036. Have fun, and don’t miss bringing your kids to explore this true hidden gem.

Julian Gold Mine Tour

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