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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Explore Randsburg Ghost Town

Vehicle provided by Kia

My favorite thing to do with my kids is to explore hidden gems and quirky places. I am ‘that mom’ who will drive thirty minutes out of our way just to see the world’s largest buckle. I have found that exploring quirky and fun places with my kids have made for some unforgettable memories that we love to reminisce about from time to time.

For Mother’s Day, I wanted to go hiking with my family at Red Rock Canyon California State Park. When doing some research on how to find the State Park, I realized that Randsburg Ghost Town was on our route, and I immediately got excited about bringing the kids to see a real ghost town.

We spent the morning hiking around Red Rock Canyon California State Park, and then put Randsburg Ghost Town into the GPS of our Kia Sorento.

The GPS helped to guide us off the beaten path to the ghost town that was hidden in the hills of the Mojave Desert.

As we drove our Sorento into the town, my kids had their faces pressed against the car windows in awe of the look of the town. There were antique stores, abandoned buildings, and a general store. We parked the car and took our time walking around the town – I could have spent an entire day looking at all the unique things around the town. We found some great nicknacks in an antique store, and the owner recommended that we have lunch at the General Store before leaving town.

Our kid’s tummies were growling so we went into the General Store for lunch. Inside the store was an old-fashioned soda bar where visitors could order an ice cream sundae or root beer float. There was also a small shop for medicines, and tables for families to enjoy a meal together. We ordered lunch, and enjoyed our meal together, talking about our favorite memories from the day.

Finally, the time had come when we needed to buckle our kids into the Kia Sorento and drive home. Our kids couldn’t stop talking about the Ghost Town on the way home, and they have been asking to return for another visit this summer.

Randsburg Ghost Town is just a couple of hours away from Orange County. Taking your family for a hike at Red Rock Canyon California State Park and then lunch at the General Store in Randsburg Ghost Town makes for the perfect day trip. The Ghost Town is waiting for you to discover it at 35 Butte Ave, Randsburg, CA 93554.

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