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Exploring an Abandoned Mine in El Triunfo

After having lunch at Cafe El Triunfo and visiting Museo Ruta de Plata, we walked behind the museum to get a closer look at La Ramona. The trail has a beautiful paved walkway that leads up to the historic mining chimney where your kids might get to see some wild chickens or even a cow or two.

As we walked up to La Ramona, we were all in awe of the beauty of the structure and wondered how it was possible for such a large structure to be standing & so strong. Around the chimney were old pieces of mining equipment and the ruins of the old mine.

While we were looking at La Ramona, a historian approached up and started talking to us about the history of the town and La Ramona. He was so pleasant and told us everything (and more) that we wanted to know about the chimney and the abandoned mine.

He then took us on the trail (located behind a gate) where we followed the white rocks to the Mirador lookout at the top of the hill where we could get one of the best views of the town. He took his time showing us different minerals on the ground, the old mining office ruins and the hut where they once stored donkeys, which I was so surprised to see still standing.

While we were at the top of the hill by the stables, the town church bells began to ring. It was one of the most beautiful moments of our trip. After capturing some pictures of the town, we made our way down the hill. On our way down, the guide took us over to see the old panteon ingles cemetery. Inside the cemetery were multiple white boxes that each contained the remains from the families who started the mining town. One thing that was surprising to me was that the crypts had no names on them, they were all different sizes and painted white.

Exploring the abandoned mine is a highlight of the trip and something your family must experience. It is important to know that you don’t need a guide to hike along the white rock guided trail to the cemetery or the top of the hill. The start of the path is blocked off with a gate entrance, and this is just to keep the cows in the area. Just open the gate and explore! Also, if you do choose to explore the trail with a guide, you’ll want to agree on a rate before the tour – it is not free.

Don’t miss seeing exploring an abandoned mine while in El Triunfo, Mexico. El Triunfo is located about an hour drive from La Paz or Cabo San Lucas, and is the perfect family day trip while visiting the region.

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