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Exploring Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

We visited as a guest of Mayakoba

Entering the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

It has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl to explore a cenote in Mexico. When I learned that I would be going to visit Mayakoba that is located in the Yucatan peninsula, that is home to the largest amount of cenotes, I knew I couldn’t leave without visiting one. There was so much to see and do in Mayakoba that I didn’t have time in my schedule to drive to see one of the popular cenotes in the area.

Path leading to Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Outside of the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

While I was shopping with my daughter around El Pueblito (authentic Mexican plaza), someone told me that there was Cenote Burrodromo just a short walk away from the town.

Visiting the cenote in Mayakoba

Visiting the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

I was overwhelmed with delight, and once we were done shopping at El Pueblito, the Mayakoba shuttle driver directed us to the location of Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba.

Outside of the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Excited to see inside of a cenote in Mexico

Enjoying the beauty of the cenote in Mayakoba

What is a cenote? They are sinkholes that are created from the collapsing limestone and has beautiful turquoise water inside. There are thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula, and some are deep enough to swim, and scuba drive through underwater tunnel systems, but Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba is not a deep enough to allow swimming.

Stairs leading into Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Cenote Burrodromo is a ‘named cenote’ within Mayakoba. It is one of several in the area, but the only one that is explorable. In times gone by, local farmers kept their donkey’s here (that’s a drinking trough, nearby), hence the name ‘Burrodromo.’

Banyan Tree Roots at Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

The cenote in Mayakoba was just about a five-minute walk from El Pueblito. When we arrived at the opening of the cenote, there was a massive banyan tree at the opening. It was one of the most beautiful trees that I have seen. There was a small staircase that we slowly walked down into the cenote.

Shelby and Ella in a Cenote in Mayakoba

Ella Barone in the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Once inside the cenote, it was one of the most beautiful sights of my lifetime. As I shined my cellphone flashlight into the cenote, I could see thousands of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites. We could hear bats flying around the caves, and we were able to walk right up to where the water started to look further into the cenote.

Beautiful Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Crystal formations inside of the Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

We had to be very careful, walked slowly around the cenote and were not allowed to touch anything to preserve this natural treasure. We captured many photos, but none of them fully captured the true beauty of this natural creation.

Inside Cenote Burrodromo in Mayakoba

Inside look into the cenote in Mayakoba

Our time visiting the cenote in Mayakoba was one of the highlights of our visit to Mayakoba. Cenote Burrodromo is open from 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm. Guest are not allowed to enter the cenote without a guide. Learn more about visiting Mayakoba with your family online, Facebook, and Twitter.

Gecko in Mayakoba Mexico

Stairs to cenote in Mayakoba

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