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Extreme Dinosaurs Have Stomed into Discovery Cube OC

We are a Discovery Cube OC Ambassador

Extreme Dinosaurs at Discovery Cube OC

Do your kids love Dinosaurs? Then you’ll not want to miss bringing them to see the Extreme Dinosaurs exhibit at Discovery Cube OC. The interactive exhibit immerses children into a prehistoric world where dinosaurs come to life right before your eyes.

Andrew at Discovery Cube OC

Big Dinosaur at Discovery Cube

Big Dinosaurs

Dinsoaur Fossil at Discovery Cube OC

Dinosaurs come to life

Dino Fun

Comparing sizes of Dinsoaurs

When we first visited the exhibit, my son was in awe. As we first stepped foot into the exhibit, the dinosaurs began to come to life. They were moving, growling, and roaring. It was thrilling to watch the realistic dinosaurs come to life. There are a couple of stations where my son was able to push a button to bring particular dinosaurs to life along with detailed descriptions of each dinosaur on exhibit.

Discovery Cube OC


Dusting Fossils

Educational Dino Exhibit

Fossil Dig

Exploring Extreme Dinosaurs

Entering Extreme Dinos

We spent hours reading about the different dinosaurs and exploring the unique fossils and skeletons that were on exhibit. There was so much about the prehistoric era that I didn’t know until bringing my son to see this exhibit. Along with the 17 animated dinosaurs, fossils and skeletons, there was a fossil dig. Children had a blast role-playing as an archaeologist while using a small paint brush to carefully dust off the fossils covered by sand on tables.

Giant Dinosaur

Interacting with Dinosaurs

Learning about Dino Parts

Realistic Dinosaurs

OC Dinosaur exhibit

Making the Dinos move at DSC

Learning about Dinos

Once we were done exploring the Extreme Dinosaur exhibit, my son spent hours learning about engineering in the Hands-On Harley Davidson exhibit, and then we had a healthy snack at Bean Sprouts Cafe. Extreme Dinosaurs will only be at Discovery Cube OC until September 5th.

Uncovering Fossils


Store at Discovery Cube OC

Discovery Cube OC is located at 2500 N Main Street in Santa Ana. They are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Engineering fun

Harley Exhibit at Discovery Cube

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