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The Fairy Trail Returns to Oso Creek Trail

Families were disappointed when the popular Aliso Summit Fairy Trail closed to the public a couple of months ago. But, we have fantastic news….the fairy trail is back and in a whole new location. The fairy trail has returned to a bigger and better location along Oso Creek Trail.

If you haven’t been to Oso Creek Trail, it is already a magical place and is the ideal place for children to become immersed in the magical world of fairies. Along the trail, your children can discover hidden fairy houses with beautiful details. The fairy trail is expected to be completed on April 28th. However, I have heard a rumor that there are already some houses hidden along the trail already.

Plan a magical day with your children at the Oso Creek Trail discovering hidden fairy houses and villages.

If you would like to volunteer to maintain the trail, please email our fairyologist at [email protected]

They need your help to support The Caring Fairies to Orange County. Your funding will be used for supplies and maintenance for the fairy trail, training volunteers, and supporting community workshops and events. If you would like to make a donation directly, please visit our fundraising campaign at

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  1. Can you give a more specific idea of where to find them. The trail is a couple miles long. Thanks.

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