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Family Friendly Features of the New Ford F-150

Ford Motor Company paid for my travel and accommodations at the three- day NAIAS Digital Summit. I was not compensated in any other manner for my time. My opinions posted here are my own.


There are many families who need a truck for work, but also for fun on the weekends. When Ford debuted their all-new redesigned F-150 truck at the International Auto Show this week, we were curious to see how this new truck will not only perform as a work truck but also meet the needs of families. This all-new truck is one of the most capable pick-up trucks ever designed that we have found to meet many family needs.


The new F-150 has gone through over a million miles of testing, has military-grade aluminum alloy body and is offered with four different powerful and fuel-efficient engine choices. There is an upgraded extendable tailgate step, new cargo box lighting, 360-degree camera view, 8″ productivity screen, new truck apps, 110 volt/ 400 watt outlets, smart trailer tow module, and more.


Families who are always hauling things from their local home improvement store, or towing a boat to the river every weekend, will find that the all-new Ford F-150 truck is built with families in mind. Most truck manufacturers are building trucks for work, but Ford designed this truck to be multi-functional to meet everyone’s personal needs.


Safety is the #1 concern for families, and the F-150 includes second-row inflatable safety belts. They work like a traditional safety belt but includes a tubular airbag that inflates in the event of an accident. There is more aggressive four-wheel braking for when the truck is going around a corner too fast, and a lane-keeping system that is designed to help alert drivers of an unintentional drifting of the vehicle. To assist with blind spots, there is a radar hidden in the rear tail lamps to detect a vehicle entering the driver’s blind spots.


Your family will be protected on the road inside of this car with a frame using high-strength steels up to 70,000 psi. This is stronger than steel found in some competitors heavy-duty pickup truck frames. It’s rear outboard shocks help to provide great stability while on the road.


Ford has put this truck to the test to ensure it will withstand the needs of your family. They have tested the truck for more than 10 million miles, including having it pull heavy trailers through deserts, and mountains, where temperatures ranged from 20 degrees below to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


The all-new F-150 comes with four different engine options including the new 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine with auto start-stop. The auto start-stop is designed to help save families money where the engine shuts off to save fuel when the vehicle is stopped (except when towing or in four-wheel drive).

The engine options include:

  • 2.7 EcoBoost with auto start-stop
  • 3.5-liter V6 engine
  • 3.5-liter EcoBoost
  • 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8


Have a big family? No problem. The new Ford F-150 is built with comfort in mind. They have ergonomically optimized the seating and extended the leg room for rear passengers. Whether purchasing for work or weekend fun, the all-new Ford F-150 is our top choice for families looking to purchase a new truck.

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