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Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate a New Baby

There are multiple ways to celebrate a new baby, both before and after the birth. You might choose to have a baby shower, a gender reveal party, a “sip and see”, or any of the other baby-based events that there are to choose from. However, if you’re thinking about having just one event, you might want to make it a welcoming space for all your friends and family. To do this, it’s probably necessary to think about how to make the celebration family-friendly and suitable for everyone. You want it to be fun for both adults and kids, which means setting up an event everyone will love (including you).

Pick a Party Theme

If you want to make it easier to organize your event, think about starting with a theme. It might be a type of event that you want to use, or it could be more of an aesthetic theme that you use to inspire your choices. When you’ve picked a theme, it will help you to choose party supplies to match. If you feel like putting up some decorations or you want to choose food or activities that match your theme, you’ll have some guidance to follow. Plus, you can search online for lots of ideas and inspiration.


Set Up Some Kids’ Games

When you have kids coming to your celebration, you need to keep them entertained. Of course, it’s much easier if their parents are there because you’re not personally in charge of them all. But you can still provide some games or other entertainment for the children to enjoy. Think about the age of your younger guests and what they would enjoy playing, as well as whether you’ll be celebrating inside or outside. You could base your games on your chosen theme but they could also be anything that you think is fun.

Get Food and Drink for All

Making sure everyone has good food and drink is one of the most important parts of any celebration. But you don’t necessarily have to provide it all yourself, especially if the event is to celebrate you and your baby. You can get everyone coming to contribute to the food and drink, whether they bring a potluck dish or something to put on the grill. If you’re providing or coordinating food and drink, be sure to have something for both children and adults.

Create Some Entertainment

As well as having games for kids, you might want to think about other types of entertainment to have at your celebration. Part of the entertainment could be something related to the baby, such as a gender reveal or another announcement that you make as fun as possible. You could also have other entertainment such as music or games that everyone can play together. But for some gatherings, just talking to each other can be a fun way to spend the time without any structured entertainment.

Celebrating a new baby isn’t just something to do with other women. If you want to celebrate with friends and family, you can plan an event that everyone will love.

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