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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Family Fun at the Ventura County Fair


Family Fun at the Ventura County Fair

Growing up in Orange County, I’ve only attended our local OC Fair. This year, I wanted to visit a different local summer fair, so I surprised my kids with news that we were going to take the train to have fun at the Ventura County Fair.


The Ventura County Fair is just steps away from the ocean, and I couldn’t wait to experience the fair with the benefit of cool ocean breezes. With Amtrak having a station that stops right at the entrance to the fair, we couldn’t go wrong by taking the train vs. driving.

Welcome to the Ventura County Fair

The night before we went, I booked my train tickets online. We arrived at the train station a few minutes before our train was scheduled to leave, and then we were off. It was my kids first time riding on a train, and they loved every minute of it. My younger son was glued to the window as he watched us leave OC, LA and travel into Ventura County. It took a little over three hours to arrive, but it was well worth the alternative of a three-hour drive.

Winning prizes at the fair

Ventura Fair

unicycle at the fair

Swings at the Ventura County Fair

scary ride at the fair

Rides at the Ventura County Fair

When we stepped off the train, I could feel the ocean breeze in my hair. We walked over to the gates and entered the fair for a day full of family fun. As we walked down the main walkway of the fair, I noticed that there were lots of small businesses hosting food booths and local schools having fundraisers. It was much different than our local fair, and had an old fashioned fair kinda feel.

Winning tickets at the fair

Spinning the wheel

Prize wheel

Learning about Frontier Television

Norcal Fair

Pig Races at the Fair

Playing games

Pokemon prize at the Fair

While we were walking around, we took time to stop at the Frontier Communications booth. I had known that as of April 1st, Verizon FiOS services in California transitioned to the Frontier network, and I wanted to learn more about the SoCal changes. The staff at the Frontier booth shared with me how they are trying to make the transition as seamless as possible for families, and families will still get excellent Internet, TV, and Telephone services now that Verizon SoCal has become Frontier.

Frontier Stress ball

Frontier Prizes at the fair

Frontier Communications at the Fair

Free charging station at the fair

Frontier Booth

Ella and Tyler at the Frontier Booth

As I was chatting with the people in the booth, my kids were spinning a prize wheel where they got fun goodies like a stress ball, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses. Other families who were in the booth were learning about the Frontier services and signing up to win tickets to the nightly concert happening at the fair.

Creating memories at the fair

Ella and Ty at the Fair

Exploring the Ventura Fair

Fair carnival Games

Fair Prizes

Fair Ring toss game

Then it was time for my kids favorite part of the fair – the rides. They went from ride to ride having a thrilling time, and creating memories that will live in their hearts forever. If you’re looking for a fun summer day out with your children, take the Amtrak to the Ventura County Fair, and don’t miss stopping my the Frontier Communications booth. The Ventura County Fair is happening until August 14th.

Fair snacks


Food at the Ventura Fair

Families visiting the Ventura Fair

game booth at the fair

Having a blast at the Ventura County Fair

Hugs at the Ventura County Fair

Kiddie ride at the Ventura County Fair

Rides at the Ventura County Fair

Puppet at the fair

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