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Family Movie Night: I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas

Movie kit provided

One of our favorite things to do during the holiday season is to sit in front of the fire and enjoy a family movie night. Holiday films are our favorite kind of films, and we recently fell in love with the all-new holiday movie, “I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas.”

It is a hilarious family-friendly film that we digitally downloaded to enjoy for many years to come. Before watching the movie, we hung our Christmas lights on the front of the house and then sipped on a warm cup of hot cocoa. Once the last marshmallow in our hot cocoa was gone, we popped some popcorn and got ready to enjoy the movie.

The movie reminds me a lot about my family, as we always go all out for the holidays — the more lights on the house the better. Now that my kids are getting older, they are kind of rebelling against all my holiday cheer, and my daughter could easily relate to the daughter in the film who wants a low key Christmas.

The daughter, Nicky has her boyfriend come to visit during Christmas to experience a “low key” Christmas. Little does he know that her family is all about Christmas cheer, and take it to the next level. When she gets offered to cat sit her neighbor’s cat, Parsley the Cat, she hires actors to play her family and plans the dinner with her boyfriend at the house next door.

Will she be able to have a Christmas where she can feel “normal?” You’ll have to download “I’ll Be Next Door for Christmas” to find out. The hilarious holiday film is currently available on Digital today, December 4th on the following platforms: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, DirecTV, AT&T, Dish, Video on Demand (on cable companies everywhere). Learn more about the movie online.

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