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Family Review of Marvel’s “Ant-Man”

We attended a screening as a guest of Disney

Photo courtesy of Marvel

Photo courtesy of Marvel

The time has come for Marvel’s “Ant-Man” to open in theaters. If your family is not already a fan of Marvel, then you’re guaranteed to become a fan after watching this blockbuster hit movie. The movie is not your “typical” superhero movie with a fun comedic twist and more of a focus on the storyline vs. action. While most parents bring their toddlers to most Marvel films, we recommend the movie for a slightly older audience of 8+. Our family reviews the film, and these are our thoughts on the movie..

Mom Review:
If I didn’t have boys, then I probably would never see a superhero movie. I am a comedy junkie and could watch movies like “Dumb and Dumber” a million times without ever getting bored. So when I saw the large comedic twist in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” it automatically became my favorite Marvel movie. The story line is one that I could see going “over the heads” of the younger audience, and my eight-year-old was just about old enough to get the most out of the entire movie. I also loved how they had a strong focus on the role of the female character making me feel good about bringing my tween daughter to see the movie.

Dad Review:
The action and special effects of this movie were incredible and so lifelike you feel that you are Ant-Man!

Tween Review:
I absolutely loved this movie! I am not the super hero kinda-girl, but this movie changed my perspective on super heroes. It is one of the best super hero film I have ever seen, and your tween daughters will love it.

Teen Review:
Do we really even need to know? Epic. Of course it was..epic!

Kid Review:
His favorite part of the movie was when Ant-Man said, “I can’t believe I beat-up an Avenger.” I also couldn’t stop laughing when Ant-Man was on Thomas the Train.

Dad Review:
The action and special effects of this movie were incredible and so lifelike you feel that you are Ant Man through out the movie.

Learn more about Ant-Man on Facebook, Twitter, and online. Don’t miss taking your kids to see it in theaters this Friday.

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