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Family Rooms: The Perfect Space For Fun And Entertainment

You come home after a long day and find toys strewn across the floor. Your teenager is glued to the computer as your younger children are running around screaming at the top of their lungs. You step into the living room to find crumbs in the crevices of your couch and used dishes on the table. The kitchen looks like a disaster zone with food particles, juice spills, and heaven knows what else on the countertops. 

Every parent has been here a time or two. You leave the house, and everything is in order; however, it looks like the aftermath of a tornado when you return. While you’re not expecting things to be perfect, it would be nice to come home and find everything intact. Though it can take some time to get your kids to clean up after themselves and complete household chores, there is a feasible solution to maintain your sanity and your home – a family room. 

What Is A Family Room? 

Simply put, a family room is an all-purpose space in your home. Families complete all types of activities in this space, from watching television and playing with toys to studying and entertaining guests. Ultimately, it provides a designated area for kids to spend most of their time, so they don’t destroy the rest of the home, saving you a ton of time on daily chores. 

Elements Of A Family Room

If a family room sounds like something you and your household could benefit from, they’re easy to put together. While the space should be designed to accommodate your family’s needs, here are a few essential elements to incorporate. 

Large Open Space

When deciding where to set up your family room, try to select a spacious area in the house. With all the activities that will take place there you want to ensure you can accommodate them all. The best family rooms are in the den, basement, or attic as they’re large enough for everyone to be comfortable and secluded from other parts of the house. 

Comfy Furniture

Your family will spend most of their time in the room, so; you want to add comfortable furniture. Start with a seating area. You’ll need a couch, loveseat, or chairs to accommodate everyone. Often, the best option is to get a custom sectional sofa. It’s large enough to fit several people and can be customized to match the rest of the decor. Add a few side tables with lamps, and you’re good to go. If you plan to designate the family room for studying and homework, you’ll also want to add a table and chairs. 

Plenty Of Storage

If there’s anything you need in a family room, it’s storage. The right amount of storage makes it easier for your kids to keep the space tidy. Bookshelves are ideal for books and video games. Plastic storage containers can hold small toys and school supplies. A toy box is instrumental for keeping large toys and gadgets. 


What’s a family room without technology? The right devices make this the perfect space for entertainment, from watching television and playing video games to listening to music and distance learning. Invest in a television, laptop, computer, gaming console, radio, and Bluetooth speakers for the family to use. 


The final element for your family room is the decor. Make the space feel like your own by adding items that appeal to your style. Family photos, wall art, throw pillows, decorative blankets, and area rugs are a great place to start. You can even make a family project out of decorating the all-purpose room. Kids can use paint to decorate the walls with handprints or random strokes of color to give the room a pop of creativity. You can repurpose items around the house to make sculptures, knickknacks, and other decorative pieces to put on display. 

Wood signs are a simple, elegant, and inexpensive way to decorate empty wall space. Wood sign art is the ability to share words through decorations, they are usually meaningful and personal and give warmth to any space. Custom wood signs can bring life to literally every room. Choose a message you want to see every day in each room and make your home a treasure trove of wood signs.

There’s nothing like coming home to a house that doesn’t feel like your own. As kids will be kids, sometimes the best solution is to create a space they can be free to have fun. A family room is a perfect place for fun and entertainment while keeping the rest of the house intact. The above features will help you in designing a space you and your kids will love.

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