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Family’s First Time Experiencing Disney on Ice

We visited as a guest of the venue

For years, it was my intention to take the kids to Disney On Ice show. And while my intentions were clear, by the time I would find out about the show the event was sold out.  Then finally, like magic (perhaps with a little Disney fairy dust sprinkled on it), I managed to get Disney On Ice tickets at the Long Beach Arena. 

Oh, but the magic did not end there!  You ask how? 

My daughter’s birthday happened to be a few days before the show.  We informed her that we would have the usual party for her birthday, but a nice surprise is waiting for her a few days later.  Why not right after the party?  It is because I wanted her to appreciate both events individually.  The logic seemed to have worked and bought us the three days we needed from her birthday party to the Disney On Ice show.  

During our drive up to the Long Beach Arena, my kids were trying to guess where we were going.  Most of the initial guesses were that we were going to Disneyland (which ended as soon as they both realized we were on the wrong freeway for that to happen). 

Then it shifted to a movie premiere (nope, since dad was not wearing his movie watching comfortable pants). Finally, my son, a bit exasperated blurted that we needed to go and see Disney On Ice.  A trickle of sweat came down my forehead. 

My wife who seemed much better at handling such things and asked what he meant. He said that for years he wanted to see the show.  He also explained that he didn’t know where we were going, but he wanted us to get tickets to Disney on Ice. We decided the guessing game had become very dangerous and told the kids to watch a movie.  

Finally, we got to the Long Beach arena, and we park near the center.  As we walked from the parking lot to the arena, we noticed a huge sign welcoming us to Disney on Ice.  Luckily neither kid looked up! Before the show, we were ushered to an area where Belle came and greeted all the little fans.  It was the first indication the kids got that we were at a Disney On Ice show.

After the meet and greet we went to the main lobby area of the arena and checked out the variety of the merchandise that was available. Then quickly we found our seats and awaited the start of the show.  Not having ever seen a Disney on Ice show before, I was not sure what to expect.  The lights turned down, and Tinkerbell appeared before us on the ice.  After a few exciting moves, Mickey and Minnie came on the ice and started the show.

The show was compromised of small sets based on a variety of Disney cartoons with Aladdin kicking things off.  Each set would cover a very popular song from the movie and show the action from a scene.  Everyone in the audience knew the songs, and you could hear some sing along coming from the young kids.  The cast performing the scenes were dressed in very colorful and beautiful costumes (I don’t know how they ice skated so well in some of those costumes).

You could hear the excitement and joy from the kids in the audience as each set would begin.  My kids who were mesmerized by the show were watching the show intently.

The show was so much fun to watch that the entire thing finished with both kids wondering why it was so short!  For the record, it was not.  The show was about two hours with a 15-minute break in the middle.  Overall, we loved the show, and I can’t believe it took me this long to finally get tickets for the show.  For more information regarding Disney on Ice, Dream Big check out their website at

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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