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Father and Son Fun at Marvel Universe Live

We attended as a guest of Feld


I came home one day from work only to find my wife and son excitedly waiting for me.  When the wife is waiting for you by the garage door; you immediately think of all the things you were supposed to do and have not done.

Moment of panic hit me as I was trying to figure out what to apologize for.  However, since my son was also waiting for me – there was an external factor out there that I could not think of.  After pulling into the garage and greeting the family; I casually asked what was up.


Ready and armed with a long list of apologies (You don’t want to go over board or the wife will know you are not really sorry).  I was told that we had two tickets for the Marvel Universe Live at the Honda Center. Marvel Universe Live?  I was thinking in my head something along the lines of Disney on Ice with Marvel super heroes.


Oh boy this will be a treat indeed!  How cool will Ironman be on ice skates?  With a bit of reluctance and all the excitement I could gather for my son, I expressed great joy of the event.  I figured at worst I would have my phone with me and I can get a good two hours of Facebook time. Fast forward to March 28th; the day of the event, we get to the Honda Center about 30 minutes before the show and within 5 minutes we were parked and walking towards our seats.  I was once again amazed that there were so many people there.


I was even more amazed at the handling of all the traffic with such coordination by the Honda Center employees.  Once we passed the ticket area we entered Honda Center only to be surrounded by various posters, toys, and even the face painting stations set up for the show.  I was going to get my face painted should my son show any interest.


I would blame it on bonding time only so I could have a Captain America sign (not realizing it might not wash up prior to me going back to work on Monday).  For both our sakes my son passed on that. We found our seats and the first thing I noticed was that there was no ice.  I did not know how our Marvel Super Heroes were going to be putting on a show!


The show started with JARVIS getting us ready for the show and then the lights dimmed.  Within seconds we were engulfed with the story of Marvel Universe.  Let me tell you, the first hour of the show went by as quickly as the cast members mesmerized us with various stunts, fire shows, laser shows, motor cycle stunts and even a car explosion!  Can you believe that?


A car explosion! Ironman, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Hawk-Eye, Thor, Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops and Nick Fury were some of the super heroes that made an appearance. Of course just as many villains showed up too (Loki, Green Goblin, Red Skull, and many more). The show had a 20 minute break for the actors to rest up a bit and for us folks to get some refreshments which worked out well. We got to our seats and the second half of the show was just as entertaining.


 I won’t reveal too much about the storyline of the show, but the super heroes teamed up and tackled different villains to achieve a unified goal. The show is fun to watch, but more importantly it is funny and exciting!  The kids next to us that were a bit younger enjoyed the stunts and the laser shows, while my son that was a bit older than them (10 which apparently is a life time older than a 6 year old) was laughing very hard by the humorous Ironman and Spider-Man.  Thor’s hate for Selfies was also amusing for me.  If you have kids that have been exposed to super heroes they will enjoy this show.  There are no ice dancing super heroes (Not that there is anything wrong with that), but the motor cycle stunts and the light shows should keep you occupied enough so that you are not upset Ironman not doing the twizzle.

Missed the show? Don’t worry! They are performing until 4/12 in Ontario.

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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