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Feel-Good Family Film ‘Eddie the Eagle’

We attended the interview as a guest of 20th Century Fox.

Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the screening of the film “Eddie the Eagle” at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Entering the gates at 20th Century Fox was a memorable treat in itself, and was the perfect introduction to this beautiful film.

I was greeted by personnel in a golf cart who swept me off my feet as I took in the Fox Lot nostalgia. The driver dropped me off at a cafe, as I had arrived at the screening early. I noticed the freshly manicured green ivy archways and meandering paths that lead up to an open field of umbrella picnic tables for Fox employees to enjoy their work breaks. Suffice it to say, Fox Studios makes their visitors feel special, and me feel – extraordinary.

As I entered the historic William Fox Theatre, I could almost feel its echoing nostalgia. I kicked back in an old flip-down spring-creaky chair, thinking about the theater’s rich history of being used for many years for top film executive viewings. For a mother who hasn’t been away from her children in weeks, I relished the time, took deep relaxing breathes and happily viewed the motion picture film “Eddie the Eagle.”


“Eddie the Eagle” is based on a true story about an ordinary person who tries to do extraordinary things. He fights his whole life to become an Olympic champion ski jumper. The cast includes talented actors such as Hugh Jackman as Coach Bronson Peary and Taron Egerton as Eddie. It is written by Sean McCaulay and Simon Kenton and directed by one of my favorite directors, Dexter Fletcher, whose great films include Wild Bill and Sunshine on Leith.

I love this movie! I’m at a time in my life where watching entertaining, “feel-good” family movies with powerful messages is ranked right up there with hot baths (which by the way is ranked very high in my house but rarely happens!) This movie gave me goose bumps and choked-up happy feelings. And, you don’t have to be a girl to enjoy it. My husband will love watching the action-packed, death-defying feats of the skiers.


This movie won my heart as it sends a powerful message about the importance of having a winning attitude. Hugh Jackman plays a retired ski jumper, rebellious coach who learns from his own disappointments that life can be re-ignited by sharing ones own passion with others. Dexter Fletcher does a fantastic job of tying the two very different personalities of the coach and Eddie together to help offset each other’s disappointment. They learn from each other to ultimately find their much-deserved contentment.

Hugh Jackman, in my recent interview, expressed that he couldn’t wait for his children (15 and 10yrs old) to see this film. He wants this concept of a winning attitude to sink in. His character Coach Bronson Peary passionately displays how hard work and the power of intention bring on success and contentment in life. I, myself, can’t wait for my 14 and 10-year-old to see this movie. I know they’ll get that jaw-dropping, goose bump, exciting feeling of finding your winner within. They will love this movie and its ‘can-do attitude!’ just as I did.


The positive mental attitude of the movie, reminds me of the book “Steps to Achieving your Personal Best” by Coach John Wooden. “Eddie the Eagle” did a fantastic job of incorporating all Wooden’s steps. I would like my kids to gain these insights. We, as a family, have drawn the Wooden’s success pyramid on our large white board at home with the hopes that our kids will live these attributes; but my husband and I are not sure whether these attributes are sinking in. What is better than this movie to bring that message home to my kids in an entertaining, moving way?

After viewing “Eddie the Eagle,” I took it upon myself to interview a life coach who has worked with families for over 20 years. I asked her what it takes to develop a winning attitude. She shared that successful people think and talk about the things they want openly. They talk about achieving goals, good health, happiness and prosperity. “Eddie the Eagle” demonstrates all these attributes of health, happiness and prosperity. Eddie drinks milk instead of alcohol for health, he laughs at himself and appears happy for happiness sake, and he has proven that through hard work and perseverance anyone can achieve goals and be prosperous.


“Eddie the Eagle” is an uplifting and inspirational story that celebrates the human spirit, passion and one man’s refusal to accept defeat. The director Dexter Fletcher shared his feelings on the film with passion by saying, “It’s alright not to fulfill your childhood dreams. One doesn’t have to win to be a winner. One can apply this movie to so many different aspects of life. I like the thought that generations can watch the film together.” After I go to see this movie again (this time with my husband and two kids), I know we will be first in line to bring home a DVD copy to watch again and again.


“Eddie the Eagle” is out in theaters today. The film is rated PG-13. Learn more about the film online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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