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The Fenians St. Paddy’s Day 2014


I have to say I never used to like Irish music. In fact, when I met my hubby some 13 years ago, I just happened to be bar hopping with my girlfriends, and stumbled into the Harp Inn in Costa Mesa. He was playing with his band, The Fenians.


What I remember most about that night, besides the cute bass player, was not so much the music, but the vibe that the music created; the singalongs, the dancing, the smiling faces. A sort of welcoming innocence in the midst of pints of Guinness and whiskey shots that you didn’t have at the dance clubs or other bars I had been in before.

That was when the Fenians were just beginning to break out of the local Irish pub scene, playing at the Coach House and larger venues such as the Galaxy, and the House of Blues.

Unfortunately for me, a soon to be newlywed, this also meant him being out of town frequently, with tours to the Midwest and East Coast every spring and for the summer Irish Fest circuit. I did get to travel with him on two of their Ireland tours, the first one being a most romantic setting for his proposal to me!


I look back on those days with fondness, as the magical intimate shows in small venues are now so rare. We have 3 beautiful children that need their daddy home and the guys have “respectable” careers, so their touring schedule is much more limited.


If there’s one show a year, I never miss it’s, of course, St. Patrick’s Day. While the shows at the Pechanga Theater and the Grove of Anaheim have been amazing, I think some of that magic that was in the air the first time I saw them had been diluted in the larger venues.

That’s why I think this year’s show is going to be special- the Coach House is the perfect venue; it’s small enough to convincingly stand in as “Irish Pub for a night” but large enough where you won’t get beer spilled on you every 5 minutes! And of course it will be nice to sit with my friends and not have to fight for a barstool…

I’m so proud of my hubby and all of the wonderful music he and the guys have created together. This is the first St. Patrick’s Day Weekend show since their new CD, “Take Me Home” has been out. I can’t wait to hear the new songs that he worked so hard on. This new batch reminds me so much of the singalongs I first heard the night that I met my hubby, and one of them was even nominated for Celtic Rock Song of the Year!

Who: The Fenians with Special Guests Trooper Thorn and the Jackpot Club

When: This year’s show is not on Monday, March 17 but instead on Saturday, March 15

Where: The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano

Time: 8PM
$$: 20

Courtney Harkins is a local licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and mother to three young children. She runs a private practice as well as works with children at various organizations in Orange County. She specializes in adoption and parent child attachment, and is currently a doctoral candidate for clinical psychology.
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  1. This is too cool. Saw it on FB and thought I’d stop by. I like Irish music, but I like all music mostly except Hard Rock and some raps. My hubby has a band too. Designated Riders. They do classical rock! if you would like to hear them. I’m your latest follower, and have a wonderful weekend! Your children’s picture there with them all smiling is gorgeous!

  2. Yep, just finished following you on all your social networks at the top. Hope you can find time to stop by me, and do the same! THANKS

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