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Finally! GMO-Free Affordable ‘Natural’ Yogurt


I make my kids a fresh yogurt smoothie every morning. It is a great way jump start their day with a glass full of nutrition. The best part about giving the kids morning smoothies is that I can sneak in things that they normally wouldn’t eat like kale, flax seeds, Goji berries, Chia seeds, and more. The only troubling issue that I have found with making their smoothies is finding a yogurt to add that is GMO-Free and uses natural ingredients, until now.

I squealed with delight when I learned that Dannon – yes a major corporation has made a commitment to their customers by making a product that is GMO-Free and made with more natural ingredients. The best part is that the product is still priced affordable to fit into most family budgets at $0.55 a cup. Dannon has pledged to work with farmers they know, have a commitment to sustainable agriculture, and be transparent on their labels if a product does have GMO ingredients.

The Dannon whole milk yogurt that I started purchasing for my kid’s smoothies is made with all-natural ingredients (plus vitamin D) and no GMO ingredients. The minute that I made my kids first smoothie using the new yogurt, my children immediately noticed a difference in the flavor of their smoothie. My younger son told me that he could taste more of the fruit vs. the chemicals in the smoothies that I once made with previous yogurt brands.

While it is good to know that our children now have access to GMO-free yogurt at affordable pricing, what about the cows? Those of us who are passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle worry about the animals who are making our food, and how they being treated. Currently, 90% of the milk that Dannon uses comes from farms under the Validus Certified System. The system holds farmers to a strict standard of animal welfare practices. I firmly believe when food comes from a healthy and happy animal it is richer with ingredients and helps our children to grow into happy and healthy adults.

Along with ensuring that their milk comes from cows who are treated humanely, they are in the process of starting to feed all their dairy cows Non-GMO food by the end of 2017. That will make Dannon the only conventional dairy company in the US to feed GMO-free ingredients to their cows. This is HUGE for a family like mine. My older son is allergic to corn, and cannot eat dairy that has been feed corn (GMO’s). The cow’s nutrition gets passed down into their milk which then affects children with food allergies like my son. With this new commitment that Dannon is making, I can now purchase this product for my son vs. the expensive grass-fed yogurt that I’ve had to purchase for him in the past – which will make a big ‘positive’ impact on our family budget.

Dannon has made me a loyal customer for life. I hope that this will be the start of more major companies wanting to come forward to create better products for the consumers. I don’t think there is a parent alive that wants to feed their kids foods made with GMO’s, but parents just need access to more GMO-free ingredients at affordable pricing. Thank you, Dannon. Thank you.

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